Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Welcome 2014 and a Look Back @ 2013

We started off 2013 with a light dusting of snow. Matty fell off a fence earlier that week and had a huge scab by his eye.  Poor baby. This was Mark's first experience in snow - he was not sure what to do about it.

Mark got his first haircut (actually his 2nd, but the 1st went so poorly that I couldn't get pictures).

We celebrated Chinese New Year and the boys made out like a bandit thanks to Poh-Poh and Gong-Gong!

Poh-Poh and Gong-Gong came to visit for Michael's 10th birthday. We did some sight-seeing at the Dallas Arboretum.

Michaels' 10th birthday party with friends at FC Dallas soccer game.

Then  quiet celebration with just family.

We enjoyed the beginning of Spring outside including an Easter egg hunt and the petting zoo.

Yee-Yee, Kow-Foo, Aunt Nicole and Benjamin came to visit.  We took them to buy cowboy boots and hung out.  This month was also my last month as a working mom.  I was blessed to be able to hang up my career hat and stay home with my little people!

Michael graduated from Carroll Elementary and school was out for the summer.

We went to CA for 2 weeks! While there, we did so many fun things.  We celebrated Matthew's 8th birthday, went to Lake Tahoe, visited the San Francisco Zoo, went to the beach, went to Six Flags where Matthew rode an elephant!  We had so much fun hanging out with everybody!

Matthew celebrated his 8th birthday with a pool party when we got back from CA.

We celebrated 4th of July in the Hill Country at the JW Marriott. The boys loved playing with the other kids there and we hardly saw them during the day.

We just hung out.

And M had to catch the ambulance to go to the emergency room after he hurt his back playing soccer. He had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days to recuperate.

Then school started!

We celebrated M's birthday on the 5th and our 12th Anniversary on the 8th.

We celebrated my 37th birthday and did lots of Fall activities including visiting the pumpkin village!

We also went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science for the first time together.

We took our family pictures.

Mark and I enjoyed our times during storytime at the library.

And of course, trick-or-treating on Halloween! Mark had so much fun on his first trick-or-treat outing! He was just too adorable for words.

Mark turned 2 on the 3rd!

And we celebrated Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for.

Matthew had his end of season baseball party at the Ranger Stadium.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and we are so grateful to JD for giving us total access to the field and clubhouse.

Then we had an ice storm and no school for 5 days straight.

We got ready for Christmas!

Mark wore a band-aid for the first time.

Then his 2nd (3rd) haircut. He had a lollipop in his mouth the whole time.

Matthew performed in his third grade musical called "It's a Bugz Christmas!"  He was a yellow jacket.  The cutest one I've seen!

What a wonderful and full year we've had! I am so blessed to be boys to these little babies.  They fill every year with so much joy.  I'm looking forward to more great things for 2014! Happy New Year!

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