Friday, September 01, 2017

First School Week

It has been a busy week! The first week of school is almost over and my head is spinning. Ha! That always happens this time of year and before I know it, Christmas is here. I'm so thankful for the cooler weather.

We started off back-to -school events with a swim party for Michael and his YMSL class. I can't believe how much these boys have grown. They are starting to look like men!

Mark discovered non-fiction books and he loves them. He has been reading the Guinness Book of World Records.

We had Meet the Teacher for the first time at Walnut Grove. It was chaos as expected. I'm just happy he agreed to take pictures.

Mark with Mrs. Taylor.

After meet the teacher, some kinder kids got together for a little swim party to get to know each other. It was a blast!

The next day, Mark had his first soccer game of the season. There was a big change this season - they played with a referee for the first time!

After the game, we walked over to watch Sydney play her game. Then these two shared some snacks.

It was finally here! The eve of the first day of Kindergarten for this little boy. Mrs. Taylor gave him some green glitter to sprinkle on under his pillow for a good night's sleep. She was smoking crack if she thought I was going to let him sprinkle glitter (my arch nemesis) under his pillow. So I told him that the glitter had to stay in the baggy or it would lose it's magic. We placed the whole bag under his pillow.

First Day of School. Hallelujah!

I love these guys, but it was time for them to go!

Then the moms celebrated with Muffins and Mimosas!

The next day, we had an impromptu playdate with some new friends. this is mark with Hailey. He's been playing with her all week.

On Thursday, we met up with Kim and Reagan. The moms got a chance to catch up and these two cuties played.

They heart each other.

I've also taught Mark how to vacuum. He loves to do it. We will see how long this lasts....

That was our week! Looking forward to another busy week next week.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Last Remnants of Summer Break

Next week my boys will all be going to school. Not sure how I feel about it yet, Yes, it will be nice to have the house clean and picked up for more than 30 minutes, but this is such a big year for everyone. My last baby is starting Kindergarten. My first baby is starting high school.  HIGH SCHOOL, you guys! And my middle one officially starts middle school.

Anyway, we've been enjoying that few days of no schedules and structure.

Mark was invited to attend Karate Camp with Carter on Friday. I wasn't sure if he was going to be into it because we tried karate class last year and it didn't go over well, but he agreed to go.

This was after he took Carter away from us and whispered in his ear. I later asked him what he said and he told me that it's a secret only for his friend to hear.

He did not want to take a picture.

They were so cute watching a slideshow together...

And in case you haven't heard, there was a solar eclipse yesterday. My friend Monica hosted a Solar Eclipse party and we had an awesome time. What an experience for the kiddos (for 2 minutes anyway). They swam, looked at the sun once in a while and had fun with playing with their friends.

Monica made these boxes because the glasses she ordered from Amazon never got delivered.

The boxes also made an excellent carrier.

Her husband brought out his welding mask and we all took turns looking through it.

Then some friends came and brought a few pairs of the solar glasses to share.

Mark and Jack together again. They are going to different schools this fall. Hailey photobombing. Haha.

These two were pretty much the only boys in the pool until Jaxson arrived.

The box worked too....

My friend Dana got a picture of the sun with her phone camera after lots of tries. I wasn't about to go through the same thing so I asked her to text it to me.

We are looking forward to totality in Dallas in 7 years. Maybe I should order the glasses now?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Another This and That Post

We are in the home stretch before schools starts up again. I've been busy getting the kids records updated, attendance verified and dropping them off for orientation. Next week will be parents' meetings, PTO meetings, and volunteers' meetings.

Here's what we've been up to for the past few weeks--

Jodie and I went into Dallas and saw I Mommed So Hard. The show was hilarious. I laughed so hard and of course, the crowd was wild. You let out a group of moms out, add alcohol into the equation and you've got moms gone wild. These ladies were out to have a good time.

We stopped into Truluck's for a quick dinner and a drink before the show.

Then headed off to the Majestic Theater. This was my first time in there and it is a beautiful old theater. Very elegant and old-school.

And oh my gosh! This little guy lost his first baby tooth on July 30th! after I helped him brush his teeth that night, I touched the tooth to see how it was and it fell right out. The tooth next to the one that fell out was also loose and he lost that one about a week and a half later. Wahhhh!

This little guy has been pretty clingy lately and wants to be in the same room with me most of the time. This is where he likes to be when I'm in my office. Love him so much.

We had a little playdate with a few of the WGES incoming Kinder kiddos at the park a couple of weeks ago and he HAD to climb all the way to the top of this thing. I was nervous but also very proud that he can do it when most kids bigger than him can't.

I had a huge craving for this one day so I had it for lunch. My favorite protein smoothie ever.

I had some of Mark's friends over for a playdate and one of the mamas brought me these flowers. Of course, while the babies played, the mamas had some wine and some laughs...

Mark wanted me to take a picture of him with the dead "butterfly" he found. EEK...

We met up with these friends one day and saw "The Nut Job 2." Cute movie and the kids had a great time hanging with each other.

Love these 2 buddies.

The Southlake Women's Club had their annual school supply sale and I volunteered to help out with the pick-up. I thought it was going to be a zoo, but it turned out to be a great time to catch up with some friends. And I got to see some familiar faces.

These boys on their devices. We were on our way to dinner and they were getting along with each other but were ganging up on my poor Mark. So handsome!

Last Sunday, we hosted a team party for Michael's soccer party. It was pouring rain in the morning so I was very stressed out since it was going to be a swimming party. Fortunately, by the time the party started, the rain had moved on.

Yesterday, we met up with the Grimm boys at Lake Lewisville for some inflatable fun. These 6 boys get along so well and they had a blast!

Matthew finally joined in on the fun after a little meltdown and some food.

Mark and Anderson are on top of the world!

Love these boys so much.

It got crowded on top of the slide. According to the boys there was a little scuffle. One of the girls pushed Mark off the slide and Anderson, in turn, pushed her off the slide as payback. Love how they look out for each other.

So that's what's been going on! I'm hoping to post more often, but I can't promise anything...