Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post Christmas

Christmas is over and the New Year is 2 days away! And I got a new refrigerator for Christmas! All in its stainless steel glory. It will be delivered tomorrow and we can family relegate the black crappy Whirlpool to the garage. I’m hoping the delivery goes well.

The boys had a great time opening presents at Poh-Poh and Gong-Gong’s house. In fact, they are still there while I am in TX missing them terribly. We had a really nice Christmas. My brother and his wife spent the night before Christmas at my parents’ and so we were all there for Christmas morning. The boys were so excited! They really liked all their gifts, but I think their favorites are the pillow pets they got from “Santa Claus” (my brother). Matthew told me that the pillow pets “were cuter than he thought” they would be. Michael also got some new books from my brother and he loves them. He wants to take them everywhere we go. I’m so happy that he loves to read!

My little scholar 

Yesterday, my sister texted me some of Matthew’s random thoughts. I don’t know in what context these things were said, but I thought they were pretty funny and I can totally see Matthew saying these things.

“I’ve never been to jail’ - That’s a good thing and I hope he never goes to jail…

“bowling shoes are just like cleats but with poop in them” – I guess they went bowling and he had to wear stinky bowling shoes?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This year, I went and made us a nice Christmas card with the family picture we had done earlier this year.  It didn’t turn out a nice as I would like it, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have the original digital file of the photo.  I will never pay anyone to take pictures again if they don’t give us a digital file.  So here it is.  Have a very Merry Christmas ya'll!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

He Wants to Be Surpised

Yesterday was the first day of Winter, but someone forgot to tell TX. It felt like Spring at a balmy 85 degrees. I am not complaining because it was beautiful, and I know in a few days, I will be flying to CA where it will be cold and wet. It’ll be a nice change, but I will miss not having to wear closed-toed shoes.

Two more days until I see my little babies! It’s been nice to get a break from them, but I miss the chaos believe it or not. They are having a great time there where they know they have free reign. Matthew is yet again the boss of O’Henry’s and trades day offs for time on the iphone. He told Sandi she can have a day off if she lets him play with her iphone.

Yesterday, he instructed Sandi that when she got him the Whiplash scooter for Christmas, she should put it in a box and wrap it so he can’t see the shape of the gift. He wants to be surprised when he opens it.

Michael lost his upper front tooth last Sunday! And got $10 for it. Talk about inflation. With his new haircut and the missing tooth, who does he remind you of?

My little Lloyd!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Parties

Last Friday was a busy day. It was the last day of school for the boys until the New Year and they both had their Holiday parties. I was able to sneak out from work and attend both affairs. Yes, I did have to miss my company holiday lunch and my chance to win folding lawn chairs and other great prizes, but it was absolutely worth it. I got there while Matthew was having lunch with his little Kinder classmates in the cafeteria. I look of joy on his face when he saw me was precious. I would not have traded that look for a million folding chairs. These are the moments when I know that I would never trade motherhood for any amount of money or anything else in this world. He kept taking my hand and kissing it while he was eating his lunch.

Matthew had his first fruit-flavored candy cane and he was not giving it up until he had finished the whole thing. They had a book exchanged and I thought the way it happened was pretty creative. Ms. Sheffield told the little ones to get in a circle and handed each child a wrapped book. Then she pulled out a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer story. Every time the named Rudolph was said, the children were to pass the books along to the person on the left. It took a couple of turns for the kids to get it, but when they did, it was so much fun to see. Every time Ms. Sheffield said “Rudolph” there was a chorus of squeals. The boys may have squealed louder than the girls. And they all had their little reindeer shirts they made with their hand and footprints on. So cute.

Michael’s class had a talent show at their Christmas party. Michael was not really into it. He had explained to me earlier that he was not participating. Like he was too good for that nonsense. I encouraged him to, of course, but he had made up his mind. I suspect that he is not comfortable getting up in front of people. In fact, I’m sure he did not want to get up in front of people so I let it go. When it was time for him to go up, I was surprised at how firmly and confidently he said “ I don’t have talent to show.” Although I would have loved to see him go up and perform, I am more proud of him for knowing what he wants firmly communicating it.

We tried to go see the ICE! Exhibit at the Gaylord Texan on Saturday, but were thwarted. Who knew so many people had the same idea? We weren’t able to get tickets, but we did get to walk around the beautiful hotel. The lights, and the train and the crowd, oh my! It was so beautiful. I brought my camera but it ran out of battery. I was able to take a couple pictures of the boys though before it died.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Open Up Those Golden Gates!

My boys are safe in California! And what a trip it must have been for them. They had to wake up really early to be able to make the 8am flight Sunday morning. They were so excited, they didn’t care. They woke up on their own and were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. They got changed without any complaints, ate their breakfast and off we went to the airport. I’m so thankful that we are able to give them the opportunities to travel. They have been to so many places and have flown so many times that they pretty much know the drill. They know what they need to do when they get to the security line and what to expect when they are on the plane. They are such good little travelers. This flight was a special one because they got upgraded to 1st class. I was so happy for them to be able to experience that at such a young age. I’ve only flown 1st class twice (maybe 3 times)and I’m 34. They got to watch movies and play video games, which I never, ever got to do, even in 1st class. Boy how things have changed.

I miss them and I am looking forward to being with them and the rest of my family for the Christmas Holiday!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Lite

I guess I have just taken an unintended blogging break. To be honest, I have never been a really consistent blogger. Sometimes I intend to post and never get around to it. Several times, I’ve written a post only to delete everything because the post didn’t make sense or didn’t really have a hook or a story. Just ramblings of what I was thinking about at the moment. I think that the pressure to make it interesting has really limited the number of postings. Well, I got to thinking. No one really reads this except for my M so who cares?! This blog really started as a way to document the journeys for my little men. I don’t need to sell my writings or impress anyone. So there.

I can’t believe how quickly Christmas is creeping up on me. Five more days until my little guys leave for Poh-Poh’s house. They are just so excited! I told Matthew this morning that there were only 5 days left and he was literally shaking with excitement. So stinkin’ cute. I love how expressive he is about things. I don’t remember Michael ever being that expressive and he’s still not. It just amazes me how different their personalities.

Because we will not be home for Christmas, I have kept the Christmas d├ęcor to a minimum. Stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but I’ve been successful in suppressing my desire to put up a Christmas tree. No garlands hang on the banister, but there is a wreath on our door so we neighbors don’t think we’re the Scrooge family. With the business of having to travel for my job, I think it has help me to tone it down this Christmas. Last year was very toned down too because we were living with my parents. Come next year? Y’all better stand back because we are going to Clark Griswald it.