Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post Christmas

Christmas is over and the New Year is 2 days away! And I got a new refrigerator for Christmas! All in its stainless steel glory. It will be delivered tomorrow and we can family relegate the black crappy Whirlpool to the garage. I’m hoping the delivery goes well.

The boys had a great time opening presents at Poh-Poh and Gong-Gong’s house. In fact, they are still there while I am in TX missing them terribly. We had a really nice Christmas. My brother and his wife spent the night before Christmas at my parents’ and so we were all there for Christmas morning. The boys were so excited! They really liked all their gifts, but I think their favorites are the pillow pets they got from “Santa Claus” (my brother). Matthew told me that the pillow pets “were cuter than he thought” they would be. Michael also got some new books from my brother and he loves them. He wants to take them everywhere we go. I’m so happy that he loves to read!

My little scholar 

Yesterday, my sister texted me some of Matthew’s random thoughts. I don’t know in what context these things were said, but I thought they were pretty funny and I can totally see Matthew saying these things.

“I’ve never been to jail’ - That’s a good thing and I hope he never goes to jail…

“bowling shoes are just like cleats but with poop in them” – I guess they went bowling and he had to wear stinky bowling shoes?

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