Thursday, September 30, 2010

September's End

I can hardly believe that it’s the end of September already! It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in Texas! Well, until it gets to be about 10:30 in the morning…But hey! We are 30 degrees cooler than 2 weeks ago so I’m grateful. I’ve started decorating for Fall and am loving it. The wreath is up and there are obligatory gourds scattered around our house. Our front entry has a scarecrow up and soon, the pumpkins and mums will be joining him to complete the holy trinity of Fall decorating. Can I say holy trinity to describe Fall decorating? Is that blasphemy?

Soccer season is in full swing and the boys are loving it. This weekend will be an all soccer weekend with Matthew having not 1, but 2 games this week. I’m hoping he’s not going to burn out because today was the Boosterthon Fun Run. So many activities for such a little guy. We should probably refrain from doing too much this weekend.

Michael running in the Boosterthon Fun Run

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soccer Season

I’m so excited for this afternoon. Last Saturday, we went to a Skipping Stone Studio to have our family portrait taken. The boys did so well. They followed almost all the directions our photographer gave them and were being such good listeners. I was such a proud mamma. We took a few pictures with different poses so I’m hoping I like at least one. I was hoping to get some autumn outdoor portraits this year, but after the Google, I realized that it was very EXPENSIVE. I figure my family would rather me spend that money on groceries and such. They are so high maintenance.

After the photo shoot, we were off the soccer games. Both boys played great. Michael has really been into soccer lately. He loves to kick the ball around and actually wants to go to practices. There’s been a complete change in has attitude. I remember it being such a struggle to get him to his games and practice. I don’t know what to credit this change to, but he seems to really enjoying playing more than he ever did. This makes my heart happy.

Matthew was more focused when he was playing, but I know that there is joy in it for him too. Maybe not for the game, but for the social aspect of the game. As I was watching him on the bench talking to his teammates, I couldn’t help but smile. He so loves to tell stories. It was such a joy to watch him being with friends and having so much fun.

We are looking forward to a great soccer season and definitely looking forward to cooler weather.