Monday, February 29, 2016


Happy Leap Day! Whoa, what weekend. Now that all three kids are participating in activities, it got kind of crazy.  Mark had a soccer game at the same time as Matthew's Odyssey of the Mind competition. I had planned on having him skip the game and going to watch Matthew compete but it was also team picture day and Matthew insisted that I take him to his game.  He felt it was important for Mark to be in his team picture.  Such a sweet boy.

Team picture before the game.

Listening to coaches teach them skill drills.

Such good listeners!

Mark did great at his game. Scored some goals, stole some balls and did some celebrating with his team. We don't officially keep score at this age, but he does - 15 to 3. He told me after the game that he thought his team was going to lose because the other team scored first.

We headed over to see Matthew after Mark's game, but they were just waiting around and watching other teams compete so we went home for a little rest.  Then I dropped Mark off across the street for my in-laws to take him to a birthday party and I went back to Matthew's competition for the award ceremony. Meanwhile, M had to take Michael to his soccer game.

We all met up back at home around 5 and it was time to make dinner.  It was so nice out so we made s'mores for dessert out on our patio.

Because our Saturday was so busy, we made no plans for Sunday. I had to take Michael to pick up his new glasses.  When we got there, they weren't open yet so I took the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time.

New glasses. He likes them too!

We went to a noodle house for lunch and it was so good.

Sunday night, we just sat around and watched some TV.  We were trying to watch Fuller House, but M had some technical difficulties so we ended up watching some nature shows.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

State Bound!

Matthew had his first Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament today.  M dropped him off at the Carroll High School early yesterday morning. He was there the whole day for the competition and to watch other teams compete.

I didn't see his long term competition because I had to take Mark to his soccer game, but M and his grandparents were there for support.

His team did great! They got first place and will be heading to Houston in April to compete in the State Tournament.

We are so proud of Matthew! He was so excited about the win. It's really rare that he gets this excited about anything and he was so proud of himself-which is the most important thing.

Matthew and his OM team watching other teams compete.

There was a lot of downtime so the boys had to find ways to entertain themselves.

Waiting for the award ceremony to start.

The team with Coach Anne who has the patience of an angel.

First place! Next stop - Houston!

 A silly picture, of course...

So proud of this little man!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

My goodness, how is it Friday already? This week, I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for their weekly Friday Favorites. Reading the Friday favorites posts is one of my favorite things to do
:-) Happy Friday!

It rained here on Tuesday and I couldn't wait to get my Hunters on. I received this red pair for Christmas and haven't had a chance to wear them because it hasn't rained since then. Red Hunter boots are my favorite rain gear. And I'm horrible with the full-body selfies.  Tips?

Original New York Seltzer. I saw these at Sprouts the other day and it brought me back to my girlhood.  I loved these, and this is the only "soda" that I was allowed to drink. Of course, I had to buy it. Still as good as I remembered.

This guy thought it was good too.

This new tea place just opened up in my town. I have never heard of them before, but apparently they have a few locations in the Oklahoma City area. I tried their Green Con Panna, which is a sweet and creamy green tea drink.  It was so good!
Homemade pizza was what's for dinner last night.  My boys love it because we can make it the way they like it and I love it because it's certainly healthier than Pizza Hut. I cheat with the dough and pick mine up at Trader Joes. Is that still considered homemade?

Also from Trader Joes is this dried coconut. It's probably not healthy because its coated in sugar, but I love it.
This was my favorite part of the week. Yesterday, the boys got to play outside a little before dinner time because they got their homework done a little early. Which basically means that they weren't wasting time bickering and arguing. I love to see them play well together.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's Almost Friday!

I haven't taken enough pictures these past few months because, well, I see the kids early in the morning before school and late afternoon after school so there aren't many occasions to be taking pictures.

In the morning, I'm running around getting them ready to be out the door by 7:30 and the two older boys don't get home until 4 in the afternoon - I pick Mark up from school at about 1:30.  We spend an hour or two on homework depending on how much push back I get and then it's time for dinner, showers and bed.  If we throw in practices, then it gets all sorts of crazy.

This is the craziness that is after school.  Snacking, doing homework, bickering, hitting and me telling them to stop every 2 minutes.

Matthew had Colonial Day at school last Friday and he actually wanted to dress up.  Look how cute these kiddos are.

He also got new glasses! And he wears them. We are hoping to pick up Michael's new glasses this weekend.

This little guy has spent a lot of time in the nurses office at school this week.  At 4 years old, he has found the key to getting sent home from school. Just say your tummy hurts. I'm on to you, kid.

 And my little Makena.  Already sporting her leopard pants!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday - 2/24/16

I'm linking up to What's Up Wednesday hosted by Shay, Mel, and Sheaffer this month!  It's gonna be fun.

What we’re eating this week
We’ve had simple meals this week because it’s been busy.  Fajitas on Sunday night, fried rice on Monday night, tacos on Tuesday night, and tonight, we will probably order in something because Michael has soccer practice until 9pm.

What I’m reminiscing about
Yesterday morning, I spent almost an hour going through pictures and cleaning up my iCloud. I came across pictures of last summer when we visited my parents in California. This was the trip that we learned that my baby sister was having baby. We had such a fun time. 

This is my preggo sissy. She was about 8 weeks here.

The boys love going to Gilroy Gardens with their Grans when we visit.

 My older boys with Cousin Ben-Ben and Kow-Foo (uncle).

What I’m loving
The rain! I know some people love the mild winter we are having but I’m really not digging it.  I love my winters to be cold so the rain we got yesterday is a great little reminder that we are still in the middle of winter.  Please let there be snow this year!

I loved waking up to rain Tuesday morning.

What I’ve been up to
Just everyday life stuff – driving everybody to school, activities, practices. Helping kiddos with homework, running errands, and doing chores.  I know, I live a very exciting life.

What I’m dreading
M will be traveling lots for work in the coming months so I’m kinda dreading not having him home much.  He took a break from traveling for a couple of months and was so very nice. Now that he’s traveling again, it’s gonna be a little busier for me.

What I’m working on
I’ve been busy planning an overnight event at the Ft. Worth Zoo for SAGT – a parent booster club for gifted education. It’s not until April, but there’s lots of coordinating that needs to be done!

What I’m excited about
I’m super excited about Matthew’s Odyssey of the Mind competition coming up Saturday. He and his teammates have been working so hard for this competition for the past 5 months.  We are talking 3 practices a weeks for 2-3 hours a day.  It’s basically an engineering competition – they are required to build a vehicle that can move and pick up things and then write a skit to go along with it.  I’m excited to see how they will place.  If they do well, they will advance to State and then to World.

What I’m watching/reading
I’m watching The Bachelor, Survivor and the Amazing Race. I'm a reality TV junkie, if you couldn't tell.

I just finished reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  Loved it! 

My next book is The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson.  One of the girls from my book club picked it out and I have no idea what it's about so I'm excited to delve into this one. 

What I’m wearing
Yes, it's been warm enough this winter for me to wear this.  I know this is where I link to where you can buy what I have on, but unfortunately, I get my most of my clothes from Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx so it's a challenge.  I will link as much as I can.
Shirt - Lush (Nordstrom Rack) Jeans-Vigoss (Nordstrom Rack)  Shoes - Tory Burch (similar)

Sweater - Old (TJ Maxx) Tank - Target (similar) Jeans - Old (similar) Shoes - Tory Burch (similar) Necklace - Kendra Scott

Sweater - Old (Nordstrom Rack) Leggings - Matty M (Costco) Shoes - Old (Nordstrom Rack) Necklace - Kendra Scott

Shirt - Abound (Nordstrom Rack, similar) Jeans - Old (similar) Scarf - Old (Nordstrom rack) 
Booties - Old (similar)

What I’m doing this weekend
I’m going to watch Matthew compete for Odyssey of the Mind.  Then M and I will have to divide and conquer.  I will be taking Mark to a birthday party and M will be taking Michael to his soccer game.  We don’t have anything on Sunday planned so we will probably just hang out at home.

What I’m looking forward to next month
It’s this boy’s birthday in March so I am excited to celebrate him.  I cannot believe that he will be an officially teenager.

I’m also excited to be going to meet my little niece in California during Spring Break.

What else is new
My little niece Makena Lee Mann is very new!  She was born 2 weeks ago and she is precious.  I have 3 boys, my brother has 1 boy and we finally got our little girl! Can’t wait to spoil this sweet girl.