Monday, February 22, 2016

Valentine's Day Party and Other Things

Mark had his first Valentine's Day party at school and it was so sweet. I loved seeing all the littles in their red and pinks.

He handed out a these gift bags to his classmates. There were a lot of PAW Patrol themed goodies this year...

Mark and his classmates made little lady bug plates. He was so proud.

This is Mrs. Miller. Mark loves her and she is so sweet to him and his classmates.  We got her a little gift card to show our appreciation.

Class picture!  It is really hard to get them to look with 10 different cameras going...

It was so nice outside after school that we played outside for a little bit.

He loves to kick the soccer ball around.

My card and flowers from my Valentine. We don't usually gift each other, but he always gets me flowers and cards for Love Day.

Valentine's Day weekend was extremely warm this year so Mark had his breakfast outside while enjoying his video.

Last Friday, Matthew had Colonial Day at his school.  I volunteered to help with the tin punch station.  There was a lot of pounding, but I got to see my baby. He dressed up for the occasion with a white button down and trousers. Trousers, people!

Working on punching his tin.

This had been our winter.

So, what do you do when your winter feels like Spring? You play outside. I took them to the park and they played soccer and ran around on the playground.

This was a great moment when they were all playing together and happy instead of bickering. Then five minutes later, Michael kicked the soccer ball hard at Matthew and hit him in the gut on purpose. So home we went.

Next weekend is going to be a super busy week - soccer games, Odyssey of the Mind competitions, and a birthday party.  Here we go again!

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