Monday, February 29, 2016


Happy Leap Day! Whoa, what weekend. Now that all three kids are participating in activities, it got kind of crazy.  Mark had a soccer game at the same time as Matthew's Odyssey of the Mind competition. I had planned on having him skip the game and going to watch Matthew compete but it was also team picture day and Matthew insisted that I take him to his game.  He felt it was important for Mark to be in his team picture.  Such a sweet boy.

Team picture before the game.

Listening to coaches teach them skill drills.

Such good listeners!

Mark did great at his game. Scored some goals, stole some balls and did some celebrating with his team. We don't officially keep score at this age, but he does - 15 to 3. He told me after the game that he thought his team was going to lose because the other team scored first.

We headed over to see Matthew after Mark's game, but they were just waiting around and watching other teams compete so we went home for a little rest.  Then I dropped Mark off across the street for my in-laws to take him to a birthday party and I went back to Matthew's competition for the award ceremony. Meanwhile, M had to take Michael to his soccer game.

We all met up back at home around 5 and it was time to make dinner.  It was so nice out so we made s'mores for dessert out on our patio.

Because our Saturday was so busy, we made no plans for Sunday. I had to take Michael to pick up his new glasses.  When we got there, they weren't open yet so I took the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time.

New glasses. He likes them too!

We went to a noodle house for lunch and it was so good.

Sunday night, we just sat around and watched some TV.  We were trying to watch Fuller House, but M had some technical difficulties so we ended up watching some nature shows.

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