Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

It’s Tuesday after Memorial Day and it’s back to reality. I guess I can’t complain too much since I started the Holiday weekend off Thursday. We picked the kids up from school early and headed out to Austin. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it a million more time. My children are the best travelers whether they are in a car or an airplane. They hardly ever complain or whine. They rarely ask the “are we there yet?’ question, and I ask to stop for a potty break more than they do. So needless to say, the car trip to Austin was very pleasant.

After our night in Austin, we drove out to the JW Marriott early in the morning so we got to the resort early and spent most of the day a the pool. The boys were so excited for the lazy river and the water slides. That evening, the Hoppes joined us for the weekend and more time was spent at the pool. This is essentially our vacation: Woke up, spent the whole day at the pool, ate dinner, watched the kids participate in the late afternoon activities, and then went and got some s’mores. All in all, a great little weekend getaway.

The kids got to play in the hamster ball race and a game called booger wars which is like dodge ball but with bean bags shaped like boogers and if someone hits you with it, it stuck to the Velcro vest. I think that was one of the boys’ favorites. Matthew had so much fun. He did have a very tough moment though when he felt that one of the guys on the opposite team cheated. I can tell he so upset at how unfair it was. I saw him appealing to the guy who was supervising the game and couldn’t help but laugh at his body language. I later asked him about why he was so upset and this was how he explained it to me.

Me – “So Matthew, when you were playing booger war, why did you get so upset?’

Matthew – “This guy cheated. I threw it and hit him, but the referee said that he was OK. Then he crossed the line and threw it and it got me, but the referee said I was out. Why was it OK for him to get hit and I was out? It was not fair and he cheated.”

Poor little man. He is my rule follower and enforcer. There’s nothing that upsets him more than watching someone get away with breaking the rules. He was just so indignant that the referee let the guy who cheated get away with it.
Matty, Jackson, Michael and Carter

My little grumpy man

How cute is this little football player?

Michael and Jacksone having a conversation

Time out from swimming to enjoy a little snack

I had to bribe Michael with an extra s'more for this picture.
Matty in action!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hill Country Time

Time for my weekly preggo update. There’s not much to update actually. The modified bedrest is working. I’m not feeling as much pressure from the prolapsed uterus. The only thing now is that in the mornings I feel like I’m out of breath even if I’m just walking up or down the stairs. I’m getting to feel normal again, and I think my appetite is growing. I want to eat all the time, but I’m trying not to give in. No surprise doctor’s visit this week, so no new vitals. Our next appointment is next Thursday when I’ll be 17 weeks so we’re hoping Nugget cooperates and shows us the goods on the ultrasound.

Not wearing maternity clothes yet, and this morning, I was so happy to know that I can still fit into my size 2 skirt. Woohoo!

I am so excited for our trip to the Hill Country this weekend. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon, driving into Austin to spend the night and then we’ll continue on to the JW Marriott Hill Country in the morning. We have not had a family getaway for a long time. The last time was when we were in CA which was about a year ago when we drove to Avila Beach. This resort is suppose to be fantastic for kids. They have lots of activity for children and at night, they have movies by the pool. I just need to remember to take lots of pictures.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Matthew is my funny kid and makes me laugh all the time. He loves to be the center of attention and if you think whatever you are doing is funny, he’ll go it again just to make you laugh. He loves to show off his dance moves and who can blame him? Those hips can move.

Recently, he’s been going around saying “Oh no you din-nit!” complete with the hand gesture and the pose. This morning, he wanted to remind Daddy what a funny boy he is so he asked me to take a picture of him in that pose and send it to Daddy. Who can refuse such a little cutie. This is what Daddy got to see this morning.

And because I was taking pictures on my phone anyway, I snapped one of my other cutie. Notice his bead necklace?  He made that in craft, and I thinkit's beautiful.  He even made the matching bracelet.

I’m going to tell this story because I want to remember it. Last Friday, we were driving in the car and Michael was in a chatty mood so he starts to tell us jokes.

“What kind of car does a cow drive? A Cattlelac.” I laughed and told him it was a good joke.

He told a couple more, and at this point, Matty decided that he wasn’t going to stand by and let his bro take all of the attention so he says he too has a joke.

Matty-“Why did the cow ride his bike? Because he has udders!”

Michael-“That’s not a real joke. I doesn’t even make sense.”

Matty-“Well, your joke doesn’t make sense either. How can a cow drive a car?!”

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week 15

We are at 15 weeks today. I had to have an extra Dr. visit this Monday because of some Prolapsed uterus issues. The short of it is that I’m supposed to be on modified bedrest which is hard to stick to with 2 busy and demanding boys. I’m allowed to continue to work, but I have to try to stay off my feet as long as I can, so I’m trying not to go the restroom as much. I’ve been holding it in until I really, really have to go.

Modified bedrest until I’m 18 weeks and then we will re-evaluate. I’m just glad that I wasn’t put on complete bedrest. I would be beyond miserable. While I was at the Dr. I got a chance to see Nugget again. Still moving around like a little monkey. Nugget’s heartbeat was 168 bpm and s/he is about 9 cm long. Dr. says he’s growing very well and everything looks great. I’ve gained 4 lbs. I’m starting to show a little bit, but I can still fit into my regular clothes. I’m still wearing regular clothes to work, and to me, I don’t look any different. I’ve told a handful of people at work, so I’m sure word will spread soon. I would imagine that in a couple of weeks, I’ll be showing enough for people to wonder.

No cravings, and I’m feeling a lot better. I still get worn out a lot faster, but at least I don’t gag when I think about certain foods anymore.

In other news, I’ve made arrangements for my little man’s 6th birthday party. He wanted have a bounce house party so we are having it at Jump!Zone. This will be his first fancy birthday party where we actually can invite his little friends from school. In the last few years, we didn’t really do anything except celebrate with family, so this will be so nice for him to experience. I can’t believe my baby is turning 6 in less than a month! Where does the time go?!

How cute is my little man?  I love him to pieces.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here's to Another Season!

There were so many things to write about this weekend that I forgot to mention that Matthew had his end-of-the season party with his soccer team.  Coaches Andrew and Cari were kind enough host it and I think the kids had a great time.  The water was freezing, but the kids decided that it was warm enough to swim. 
Matthew getting his trophy
Matthew and the rest of the Stingrays!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

What an awesome weekend. I know I’ve started several posts with this line, but this weekend was really wonderful. I guess I’m just lucky. I had a great Mother's Day and got unique gifts from both Michael and Matthew. Matthew made me a key chain that he was so excited about that he gave it to me last Thursday.  I got a book fo coupons from my Michael.  I love getting these things from them and I look forward to it every year!

On Saturday, we dropped the boys off at Grandpa’s and M and I went to lunch in Dallas. Then it was off to the Ritz-Carlton for some pool time. It was a bit crowded there, but we managed to find some prime lounging seats with shade. We just hung out by the pool and relaxed for a few hours.

After that we went back to our room and got ready for dinner at Fearing’s. Then it was off to see “Something Borrowed” at Northpark. It was such a cute movie. Even M really liked it. I read the book years ago and this is one of the few movies that is as good as the book. There’s suppose to be sequel, so I’m looking forward to seeing that one as well.

We slept in until 7 Sunday morning and then had breakfast at this place called the Dream Café. It was such a beautiful morning that decided to eat outside.

Then we spent the rest of Sunday at Grandpa’s house. The kids went swimming and played outside most of the day since it was gorgeous outside. It was very relaxing and I snuck in a couple of cat naps while the kids played.

M had planned out the weekend so wonderfully. I was very surprised when he first told me he planned an overnight date for us. Usually, I would have to suggest it, but this time he actually did it without any prompting. And it turned out to be exactly what I needed. He’s a keeper after all.

Friday, May 06, 2011


Happy Friday. I’m very excited for this weekend because M is taking me out for Mother’s Day without the kids. A little ironic, I know. He’s so proud of himself for planning this out. He wanted to surprise me so he didn’t say where we were going for dinner or where we were staying for the night. I’m looking forward to some alone time with him away from his office. Big thanks to his Dad and Jenni for offering to take the kiddos for the night. It’s been really nice having them around. Not just for baby-sitting duties, but for their company as well.

We’ve got an end of the season soccer party for Matthew and his teammates tonight which should be fun. It’s suppose to be a swim party, but it might not be warm enough for that yet.

A little update on the Nugget so I don’t forget. We went to the Dr. yesterday and had another ultrasound to hear his heartbeat. Dr. says everything looks great; heartbeat is strong at 153 bpm. He was moving around so much! I also got my Ultrascan test results back and everything was in the normal range. I’m looking forward to boring and uneventful pregnancy. I have not gained any weight yet, but Dr. says that that’s OK because the baby is growing at a normal rate. Normal is very good.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

One Hurdle Down

I went in for my Ultrascan last Monday and so far so good. I got another good look at Nugget with the ultrasound, and he looks so much more developed. He’s stretched out a lot! I can clearly see his arms and legs, fingers, and the profile of his face. He’s got the cutest little nose! They measured the thickness of the back of his neck and it measured 1.5mm which is well under the 2.5 mm threshold that would indicate signs of genetic abnormalities. One hurdle down. Now I’m just waiting for the results of my blood work. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m officially 13 weeks today, but Nugget is measuring 14 weeks. I asked the Dr. if we should move the due date, but he said the first measurements are the most accurate so we are still due on 11/9. From head to rump, he’s 7.75cm long. They didn’t measure the heartbeat this time, but I‘ve got another appt. with my regular ob/gyn tomorrow so hopefully we’ll get to hear it.

My belly is definitely starting to protrude a little bit. Probably still not visible to others, but I can feel it. Especially after dinner when I’m totally bloated. Yuck!

I’m feeling a lot better and I and can stay up past 9pm again, but I’m not completely back to normal. I tire out lot more easily and my patience is still pretty short. I am so sensitive to smells. It’s horrible to say, but I sometimes can’t stand the way my boys smell. Especially Michael who has a bit of a tooting problem. Poor little guy.