Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

It’s Tuesday after Memorial Day and it’s back to reality. I guess I can’t complain too much since I started the Holiday weekend off Thursday. We picked the kids up from school early and headed out to Austin. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it a million more time. My children are the best travelers whether they are in a car or an airplane. They hardly ever complain or whine. They rarely ask the “are we there yet?’ question, and I ask to stop for a potty break more than they do. So needless to say, the car trip to Austin was very pleasant.

After our night in Austin, we drove out to the JW Marriott early in the morning so we got to the resort early and spent most of the day a the pool. The boys were so excited for the lazy river and the water slides. That evening, the Hoppes joined us for the weekend and more time was spent at the pool. This is essentially our vacation: Woke up, spent the whole day at the pool, ate dinner, watched the kids participate in the late afternoon activities, and then went and got some s’mores. All in all, a great little weekend getaway.

The kids got to play in the hamster ball race and a game called booger wars which is like dodge ball but with bean bags shaped like boogers and if someone hits you with it, it stuck to the Velcro vest. I think that was one of the boys’ favorites. Matthew had so much fun. He did have a very tough moment though when he felt that one of the guys on the opposite team cheated. I can tell he so upset at how unfair it was. I saw him appealing to the guy who was supervising the game and couldn’t help but laugh at his body language. I later asked him about why he was so upset and this was how he explained it to me.

Me – “So Matthew, when you were playing booger war, why did you get so upset?’

Matthew – “This guy cheated. I threw it and hit him, but the referee said that he was OK. Then he crossed the line and threw it and it got me, but the referee said I was out. Why was it OK for him to get hit and I was out? It was not fair and he cheated.”

Poor little man. He is my rule follower and enforcer. There’s nothing that upsets him more than watching someone get away with breaking the rules. He was just so indignant that the referee let the guy who cheated get away with it.
Matty, Jackson, Michael and Carter

My little grumpy man

How cute is this little football player?

Michael and Jacksone having a conversation

Time out from swimming to enjoy a little snack

I had to bribe Michael with an extra s'more for this picture.
Matty in action!

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