Friday, May 06, 2011


Happy Friday. I’m very excited for this weekend because M is taking me out for Mother’s Day without the kids. A little ironic, I know. He’s so proud of himself for planning this out. He wanted to surprise me so he didn’t say where we were going for dinner or where we were staying for the night. I’m looking forward to some alone time with him away from his office. Big thanks to his Dad and Jenni for offering to take the kiddos for the night. It’s been really nice having them around. Not just for baby-sitting duties, but for their company as well.

We’ve got an end of the season soccer party for Matthew and his teammates tonight which should be fun. It’s suppose to be a swim party, but it might not be warm enough for that yet.

A little update on the Nugget so I don’t forget. We went to the Dr. yesterday and had another ultrasound to hear his heartbeat. Dr. says everything looks great; heartbeat is strong at 153 bpm. He was moving around so much! I also got my Ultrascan test results back and everything was in the normal range. I’m looking forward to boring and uneventful pregnancy. I have not gained any weight yet, but Dr. says that that’s OK because the baby is growing at a normal rate. Normal is very good.

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