Thursday, May 19, 2011


Matthew is my funny kid and makes me laugh all the time. He loves to be the center of attention and if you think whatever you are doing is funny, he’ll go it again just to make you laugh. He loves to show off his dance moves and who can blame him? Those hips can move.

Recently, he’s been going around saying “Oh no you din-nit!” complete with the hand gesture and the pose. This morning, he wanted to remind Daddy what a funny boy he is so he asked me to take a picture of him in that pose and send it to Daddy. Who can refuse such a little cutie. This is what Daddy got to see this morning.

And because I was taking pictures on my phone anyway, I snapped one of my other cutie. Notice his bead necklace?  He made that in craft, and I thinkit's beautiful.  He even made the matching bracelet.

I’m going to tell this story because I want to remember it. Last Friday, we were driving in the car and Michael was in a chatty mood so he starts to tell us jokes.

“What kind of car does a cow drive? A Cattlelac.” I laughed and told him it was a good joke.

He told a couple more, and at this point, Matty decided that he wasn’t going to stand by and let his bro take all of the attention so he says he too has a joke.

Matty-“Why did the cow ride his bike? Because he has udders!”

Michael-“That’s not a real joke. I doesn’t even make sense.”

Matty-“Well, your joke doesn’t make sense either. How can a cow drive a car?!”

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