Wednesday, May 04, 2011

One Hurdle Down

I went in for my Ultrascan last Monday and so far so good. I got another good look at Nugget with the ultrasound, and he looks so much more developed. He’s stretched out a lot! I can clearly see his arms and legs, fingers, and the profile of his face. He’s got the cutest little nose! They measured the thickness of the back of his neck and it measured 1.5mm which is well under the 2.5 mm threshold that would indicate signs of genetic abnormalities. One hurdle down. Now I’m just waiting for the results of my blood work. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m officially 13 weeks today, but Nugget is measuring 14 weeks. I asked the Dr. if we should move the due date, but he said the first measurements are the most accurate so we are still due on 11/9. From head to rump, he’s 7.75cm long. They didn’t measure the heartbeat this time, but I‘ve got another appt. with my regular ob/gyn tomorrow so hopefully we’ll get to hear it.

My belly is definitely starting to protrude a little bit. Probably still not visible to others, but I can feel it. Especially after dinner when I’m totally bloated. Yuck!

I’m feeling a lot better and I and can stay up past 9pm again, but I’m not completely back to normal. I tire out lot more easily and my patience is still pretty short. I am so sensitive to smells. It’s horrible to say, but I sometimes can’t stand the way my boys smell. Especially Michael who has a bit of a tooting problem. Poor little guy.

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