Friday, February 28, 2014

March Pin-spired - Camel Cardigan

I'm back again for March Pin-spired with Shay, Scheaffer and Mel.  This month is all about my camel  cardigan.  I know that I would be wearing it lots because it's so easy to just throw on and goes with EVERYTHING. I got mine from Banana Republic.

Look #1

I wore my version to lunch with a friend. I switched out the legging for black denim and paired it with riding boots because it was SO cold that day. The black tank is from Old Navy Maternity, jeans were from Target and boots are Frye's.

Look #2 

For my version, I wore this when I took baby boy to the museum.  I also paired it with a cleaner pair of distressed jeans because it's more my style and it's more age appropriate for me. The shirt is from Gap, the jeans are from Nordstrom Rack (Vigoss), and the boots are Nine West from Nordstrom Rack.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What We Did - Week 8

Things have been off this week. Not sure what happened, but Monkey has been extra clingy and has been waking up way too early. He's been sick. I've been sick. Michael's been sick.  So, I'm missing a few pictures this week.

Day 57 - Wed.
We had to drop my car off at the dealership because of brake issues. Then we stopped by the  Grapevine Library for story time. Love this little Monkey!

Day 58 - Thu.
Our car was done!  We went to pick it up and Mark threw a fit because he liked the loaner car better. Michael had another soccer practice. No picture ;-(

Day 59 - Fri.
We hosted a playdate at the park and Mark had a lot of fun.  It was cooler than I expected, but good enough for playground fun.  I started to feel a little sick, but not too bad.

We left the pay date and headed to the airport to pick up M. After we got home was when I started to feel really sick - nauseous and worn out.

Michael had Colonial Day at his school so he had to dress up in period costume.  I had him in his stripe Adidas pants, long white soccer socks, and my flowy, lacy, ruffle-y blouse.  It looked good, but he wouldn't let me take a picture.

Day 60 - Sat.
Michael had a soccer game and Matthew had practice at almost the same time so we divided and conquered. M took Mark and Michael to the the game and I took Matthew to his practice. I was starting to feel better and snapped some pics.

Michael got sick at the game and only played the 1st half.  Insult to injury? They lost to one of their biggest rivals.

Day 61 - Sun.
I was back to healthy and so was Michael so we were able to make it to his soccer game.  Michael played really well, but they ended up losing this game too.  Not a good weekend for Solar.

It was so beautiful outside, we couldn't waste it sitting around the house so we went to feed the ducks! This is one of Mark's favorite things to do.  He only wants to feed them when they are in the lake.  If one ventures out near him, he tires to kick it and tells them to get back in the water. Hilarious!

Day 62 - Mon.
This was how Mark was almost all day.  Super clingy and needy.  Thank goodness I was able to escape to the gym for an hour!

Oh, and then we went grocery shopping.  He had a great time helping me push the cart and getting what we needed.

Day 63 - Tues.
No pic! We went to story time and dropped off lunch for Michael.  Then I went to the gym again.  Two days in a row!  So proud.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What We Did - Week 7

Day 51 - Wed.
This boy missed the bus this morning.  Thank goodness he likes riding the bus because I would hate to have to go through the car line at school every morning and afternoon.

This boy wanted to stay in bed and watched TV this morning. Rudolph nose kinda day!

We went and had lunch with this boy.

Day 52 - Thu.
No picture today. We tried to go get our car washed, but were told that the wait was 2-3 hours.  No, thank you.  Mark was very upset about it, though. He kept saying that we needed the car washed.

Day 53 - Fri.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Day 54 - Sat.
After a busy Saturday, the boys enjoyed some downtime in Mommy and Daddy's room before bedtime.

Day 55 - Sun.
Michael had another soccer game on Sunday.  We all went to cheer him on! Mark took the first picture on our way to pick up the Gs. Not bad for a 2 year-old.

Day 55 - Mon.
We played in the play room while our car was being washed.

Then we went to the playground when we got home because it was so nice outside.

Day 56 - Tue.
Story time at the library! We skipped last week so Mark was happy to be back.

Then we played by the fountain with our friend Samantha for a little while before we headed home for a much needed nap.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Weekend

Can you believe this weather?  We went from freezing rain to beautiful Spring-like days within in 3-day period.  I love it!  After being cooped up because of the cold, we spent as much time outside as we could this weekend.  

Michael had very early game on Saturday and since G was going to take him to his game, it was easier for him to spend the night at G's house.  Matthew also wanted to spend the night so it was just me and Mark Friday night.

After Michael got back from his game, it was time to get ready for Dylan's birthday party.  Both Michael and Matthew were invited, so again, it would just be Mark and me at home for a couple of hours.  The party was at a skating rink so I was concerned for Matthew because he hasn't really skated a whole lot, and he's not a big fan of trying new things. When I dropped them off, Michael went off without Matthew so I stayed a little to make sure he was OK.  

He wanted a trainer so we got him one for an hour. He later complained that the skating rink really didn't want people to learn how to skate because they were charging money for the trainers.  He reasoned that if they wanted people to learn, they would have provided the trainers free of charge. "All they want to do was make money," he said. He was indignant. Sometime I wonder if he's a 50 year-old man stuck in an 8 year-old body.

When I went to pick him up from the party, he got the hang of skating and he was having so much fun with his buddies! 

After the party, some of the neighborhood boys got together and played in our cul-de-sac all afternoon.  Of course Marky, was not going to be left out and he demanded that we go outside and play too. All the boys stopped what they were doing and rushed over to him.  They all thought he was the bee's knees. Super fun to watch!

Michael had another game on Sunday.  He played so well and his team won 3-2.  We picked up lunch after the game and then the boys spent most of the day hanging out with their friends.  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day goodness! This was our table this morning - lot's of stuff for V-day.  I got gifts for the boys to open up today.  The rest are for Matthew's school party and his teacher, whose birthday happens to be today, thus the Vera Bradley bag and the red tulips.

Michael wanted to open his present this morning.

Matthew and Mark wanted to wait until after school.

These are the bands that Matthew passed out to his classmates.

I volunteered to be Matthew's classroom party coordinator so I spent the morning getting his classroom ready for his party - I kept it very simple.

Mark had to fix his Valentine's Day card for G because it was coming apart.

The finished card.

These are the flowers I got myself because M is not home to give them to me - j/k, these went to my MIL from the boys.

I did get my card in the mail though - sometimes I don't even think I know him at all! Can't wait to celebrate with him when he comes home.