Monday, February 03, 2014

Baby Shower for Sarah & Dylan

Sarah emailed pictures from her shower so I thought I would post.  I was very impressed and I may have to get her aunt's help if I ever plan a fancy party.  I don't know what I would plan a fancy party for, but she makes me want to have a fancy party.

The shower carried the same color scheme as Baby Owen's nursery - Chevron yellow and gray.

This is the cake table - obviously.

Close-up of the cake

I love the candy table.

And a close-up of the candy, of course.

Seriously, the tables were fancier than my wedding reception.

Dylan and Sarah opening their gazillion gifts.  When I thought they had made a dent in their pile, more presents showed up.

Good thing Mark was there to help!

Then it was time for cake! Pam gave him the biggest piece.

Mark, Pam (Sarah's mom) and Sarah. Mark with a huge smile on his face!

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