Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day goodness! This was our table this morning - lot's of stuff for V-day.  I got gifts for the boys to open up today.  The rest are for Matthew's school party and his teacher, whose birthday happens to be today, thus the Vera Bradley bag and the red tulips.

Michael wanted to open his present this morning.

Matthew and Mark wanted to wait until after school.

These are the bands that Matthew passed out to his classmates.

I volunteered to be Matthew's classroom party coordinator so I spent the morning getting his classroom ready for his party - I kept it very simple.

Mark had to fix his Valentine's Day card for G because it was coming apart.

The finished card.

These are the flowers I got myself because M is not home to give them to me - j/k, these went to my MIL from the boys.

I did get my card in the mail though - sometimes I don't even think I know him at all! Can't wait to celebrate with him when he comes home.

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