Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What We Did - Week 6

Day 44 - Wed.
We had some cuddle time this morning before we got our day started.  I love our morning cuddle times. He loves that monkey blanket.  He calls it his "oohh-oohh, aahh-aahh blankie."

Day 45 - Thu.
Snow day fun!

Day 46 - Fri.
We had so much fun at our neighborhood play date.

And Michael's English teacher emailed this picture to us - more snow flurries! Michael is in the very back row with his arms wide open.

Day 47 - Sat.
These two fell asleep on our way back from dropping off Michael for his playdate with Daniel at Urban Air.

Day 48 - Sun.
Playing with his trains.  He loves his Thomas and Percy, but he's not a fan of Gordon. "Let's go play choo-choo trains, Mommy."  I love his squeaky little voice.

He found his activity mat and decided that he was a baby and started playing with it.

Day 49 - Mon.
No picture today.  I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up couple of books for the boys.  When I walked back to my car, there were 2 police vehicles right next to where I parked.  Even though I know I didn't do anything wrong, my first thought was, "Oh crap, I'm in trouble."  Second thought was, "Oh no, someone crashed into my car." Turns out, they were arresting a young woman and her car happened to be parked right next to mine. I know that she probably broke some law, but I couldn't help feeling sorry for her - she was so young and she was crying.

Day 50 - Tue.
School got delayed for 2 hours due to freezing rain.  The boys got to sleep in and Michael had time to do his stretches and exercises before school. He was not happy about it but he'll be thankful when he doesn't have to do them after school.

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