Friday, February 07, 2014


This was early in the morning when we tried to walk Matthew to the bus stop.  Mark was so excited to get into the snow and I thought a thick jacket would be enough for the short walk there, but wasn't. Mark was shocked by the cold and didn't know quite what to do but stand in one place so I had Michael walk Matthew and Mark and I went back inside to look for something warmer.  That looks says it all.

Round two, we were much more prepared.  Michael's old snow pants were perfect for him.  Hats and gloves also helped. Now he's ready to have some fun!

He's trying to catch snow flakes with his tongue.  He had tons of fun making "snowballs" and throwing them at me. The snow was too dry to form a ball so he was actually just throwing handfuls of snow at me.  He would carry the snow in his hand, walk up to me until he was 6 inches away, throw the snow, laugh and run away to get another handful.  I can just eat him up!

Michael came out and joined us for a little bit, but I only got that on video.  They wouldn't take pictures together.  This was the only one where they were in the same frame.

I don't know what it is about the cold that makes me want to bake. Mark loves to help with anything I do, so he wanted to help with the lemon bars.

Then he went to play board games and made a huge mess while watching his show.

These are some pictures of our backyard.

Michael made a snow angel in our driveway before we got in the car to go to therapy.  It came out perfect, and he was so proud.

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  1. It is so cold! Good thing for snow pants. I'm really ready for spring.