Thursday, February 06, 2014

Please Let It Snow

There is snow in the forecast and I really want it to be true.  This will probably be a pajama day for Mark and me, but we will see.  Michael has his physical therapy appointment today so we will need to go to that, but I don't plan on going out because it's freezing!

This is usually how we start off our mornings.  We cuddle and watch a little "tee-tee."  I think this will be a perfect day for it.

Michael had his practice yesterday and Coach pulled me aside to let me know that he's been playing really well and looks like he's playing with more passion.  I'm very glad he noticed the difference as well.  They had practice indoor because of the weather and will practice again today because Sunday's practice was cancelled.

I won't be able to go to the next couple of games because it's either too cold or too early.  I'm bummed to have to miss 3 games in a row.

We got snow! It's only a dusting and will all melt when the cars drive on it, but isn't it pretty?

UPDATE #2***
Just got a call from Matthew school.  It looks like his school bus had a little accident on the way to school.  They sent another bus to transfer the kiddos, and everybody is safe and sound at school.

UPDATE #3***
It's been snowing for a few hours and I think we are getting gore than an inch, maybe even 2 inches!  The boys are going to have fun when they get home from school. Just got an email saying that schools are getting dismissed early. Hopefully, it'll be OK to drive Michael to therapy.

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  1. We got a dusting this morning too, woo hoo! I'm sure the kids are hoping they get out of school early. Have fun with your snow day!