Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas 2016

This was such a special Christmas for me. It's really the first Christmas that Mark actually understands what Santa does and how it all really works. I had so much fun leading up the Christmas Eve and Christmas, preparing for Santa's arrival. 

One Christmas Eve, he set out a plate of Pop Tarts for Santa because Mark thought Santa would be tired of eating cookies all night. Then he insisted on apples instead of carrots for the reindeers because they would be tired of carrots.

The next morning, he received a note from Santa along with some goodies.

Including this train table.

These boys enjoyed playing with their new toys all morning.

We celebrated Christmas with my in-laws across the street the next day. More presents!

Jennie went a little crazy with the little kiddos because this was the first time she got to celebrate with all 6 of them.

It probably took her days to wrap all the presents and it only took the kids minutes to open!

Mark was so sweet to Gwen.

The next day, we made our way to the Ft. Worth Zoo because it was such a beautiful day. We didn't want to spend it inside!

Matthew stayed behind at home, but Michael was a good sport and came along. Mark loved spending time together with his big brother.

Mark also loved taking pictures with all the animal statues at the zoo...

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Few Random Things

It's so into the Elf back again. Mark gets so excited to see find him in the morning. For the most part, he was active this year. There were only a couple of nights that he didn't move. And I was proud that he almost alway brought Mark little gift or a note.

One day, Mark lined up his stuffed animals to guard the ornaments on the tree - Winter came to help.

Another night, Mark set up a little bed for Winter and he moved into the bed and got comfy. Mark hung out with him in his jimmies there for most of the day.

Texas weather is crazy - one this day, it was in the 70s so we went to the Park and played. Mark climbed this web thing and went up higher than I wanted him to.

The next day, it was wet and super cold. However, my people decided to go around in shorts. We went and saw Rogue One. Loved it.

Michael was not in any pictures because he decided that he was too cool to sit next to us. Dear God, please let this phase end sooner then later.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Matthew and Daddy Takes NYC

For their Daddy & Me trip, M took Matthew to visit New York City. I was not there, but I know they enjoyed the trip so much.  Here are some pictures of what they did.

On their way to the Big Apple.

They went a visited the 9/11 Memorial. Seeing this fountain always gives me goosebumps.

He sent me this selfie - Love him so much.

It snowed the day they arrived so he got to experience snow in NYC...

Michael planned this trip based on where they were going to eat so a got lots of pictures of them in restaurants.

They did make time for Wall Street.

And took in a Broadway Show. M said Matthew really enjoyed the School of Rock and that it was one of the best shows he's see.  He thought the kids were amazing. Matthew really wanted to see The Book of Mormon, but we told him we couldn't get tickets. I was not about to let him see that show.

They went to the Top of the Rock and to the Empire State Building. Matthew preferred the Top of the Rock because he saiid it had. abetter view of the city. I would have to agree with him.

He said Time Square was amazing that it was brighter at night than during day time.

They went by The Plaza because he wanted to see where the kid from "Home Alone 2" was at...

This was his favorite place to visit. He loved seeing the Statue of Liberty. He made M climb the pedestal with him. He really wanted to climb to the crown, but you had to by tickets in advance so they didn't get to do that. M was relieved I'm sure...

I'm so happy they got to experience NYC together. I thinks he's going to remember this trip with Daddy for a long time.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


My mom and brother came for s little visit the week before Christmas break. They came for almost a week but it went by so quickly! I guess I didn't take very many pictures (sad face). I had lots of school volunteering commitment so I took my mom along while the boys were in school. 

We went to Korean BBQ and it was awesome as always...

In the middle of the week, we took quick road trip to Waco and visited the Silos. It was really pretty and we got a few souvenirs.

They got to attend Mark's Holiday party...

This picture has nothing to do with this post but I'm adding it because I love that little face so much.

We went to breakfast at the OP before they had to take a flight out that day. Mark did not want his picture taken.

Michael always gets so upset after a visit to California or after visits from his G-parents.  This trip was no exception.  He use to cry for days afterwards. He only cried for one day this time. Poor guy...

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Breakfast with Santa 2016

We met up with some friends on Saturday morning to enjoy breakfast with Santa at our local community center. Mark was a little disappointed because he thought we were going to sit with Santa and have our breakfast with him. He kept complaining that this was not really breakfast with Santa at all. Poor guy. But I he enjoyed being with his buddies!

The kiddos enjoyed a little coloring while we waited for the door to open.

Mark had some juice and fruit with his Pre-K friends.

He got to tell the Santa's "elves" what he wanted for Christmas.

Then he went and made a candy cane out of beads.

And spent a coupe of seconds with the Big Guy. Literally a couple of seconds because it was pretty much a Santa photo factory...