Friday, December 23, 2016

Matthew and Daddy Takes NYC

For their Daddy & Me trip, M took Matthew to visit New York City. I was not there, but I know they enjoyed the trip so much.  Here are some pictures of what they did.

On their way to the Big Apple.

They went a visited the 9/11 Memorial. Seeing this fountain always gives me goosebumps.

He sent me this selfie - Love him so much.

It snowed the day they arrived so he got to experience snow in NYC...

Michael planned this trip based on where they were going to eat so a got lots of pictures of them in restaurants.

They did make time for Wall Street.

And took in a Broadway Show. M said Matthew really enjoyed the School of Rock and that it was one of the best shows he's see.  He thought the kids were amazing. Matthew really wanted to see The Book of Mormon, but we told him we couldn't get tickets. I was not about to let him see that show.

They went to the Top of the Rock and to the Empire State Building. Matthew preferred the Top of the Rock because he saiid it had. abetter view of the city. I would have to agree with him.

He said Time Square was amazing that it was brighter at night than during day time.

They went by The Plaza because he wanted to see where the kid from "Home Alone 2" was at...

This was his favorite place to visit. He loved seeing the Statue of Liberty. He made M climb the pedestal with him. He really wanted to climb to the crown, but you had to by tickets in advance so they didn't get to do that. M was relieved I'm sure...

I'm so happy they got to experience NYC together. I thinks he's going to remember this trip with Daddy for a long time.

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