Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas 2016

This was such a special Christmas for me. It's really the first Christmas that Mark actually understands what Santa does and how it all really works. I had so much fun leading up the Christmas Eve and Christmas, preparing for Santa's arrival. 

One Christmas Eve, he set out a plate of Pop Tarts for Santa because Mark thought Santa would be tired of eating cookies all night. Then he insisted on apples instead of carrots for the reindeers because they would be tired of carrots.

The next morning, he received a note from Santa along with some goodies.

Including this train table.

These boys enjoyed playing with their new toys all morning.

We celebrated Christmas with my in-laws across the street the next day. More presents!

Jennie went a little crazy with the little kiddos because this was the first time she got to celebrate with all 6 of them.

It probably took her days to wrap all the presents and it only took the kids minutes to open!

Mark was so sweet to Gwen.

The next day, we made our way to the Ft. Worth Zoo because it was such a beautiful day. We didn't want to spend it inside!

Matthew stayed behind at home, but Michael was a good sport and came along. Mark loved spending time together with his big brother.

Mark also loved taking pictures with all the animal statues at the zoo...

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