Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Few Random Things

It's so into the Elf back again. Mark gets so excited to see find him in the morning. For the most part, he was active this year. There were only a couple of nights that he didn't move. And I was proud that he almost alway brought Mark little gift or a note.

One day, Mark lined up his stuffed animals to guard the ornaments on the tree - Winter came to help.

Another night, Mark set up a little bed for Winter and he moved into the bed and got comfy. Mark hung out with him in his jimmies there for most of the day.

Texas weather is crazy - one this day, it was in the 70s so we went to the Park and played. Mark climbed this web thing and went up higher than I wanted him to.

The next day, it was wet and super cold. However, my people decided to go around in shorts. We went and saw Rogue One. Loved it.

Michael was not in any pictures because he decided that he was too cool to sit next to us. Dear God, please let this phase end sooner then later.

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