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Friday, June 11, 2010

Show Us Your Life- China Patterns

I love dishes and plates and china.  I have a beautiful set we got from our wedding and I still love the pattern I chose.  It's elegant, simple, and timeless.  I fall in love with them again each time I bring it out.  Unfortunately, with 2 rambunctious little boys, I don't bring it out very often. I'm lucky if I get to break it out once a year.

Noritake Crestwood Platinum

I don't have nice everyday china.  We are making do with cheapies we got from Ikea.  Once cheapies dwindle down to where we need more plates, I'm going to invest in some nice casual dinnerware.  I really like Lenox's "Butterfly Meadow."  It's so cute and little whimsical. 
I also really like the Botanic Garden by Portmeirion.  It's just so pretty!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Puppies and Babies

Last Sunday, M took the boys to visit with an old friend, S, whom he’s known for most of his life. S and his wife are expecting a little one soon and wanted to hang with the boys to get some parental experience. Needless to say, the boys had a great time swimming and eating what they were not supposed to eat. They also got to play with Scooby, the dog, and Matthew loves dogs. He matter-of-factly told a neighbor once that he loves puppies and babies.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pictures of the Week

I’ve just decided that M will be my weekly guest blogger. As a guest blogger, he will get the honor of choosing a “Picture of the Weeks” to be posted every Tuesday. It can be pictures of anything that he wants to share (with my censor, of course), but we know it’s going to be mostly of the boys. So without further fanfare, here’s this week’s “Picture of the Weeks.”

Monday, June 07, 2010

School's Out!

Both Michael and Matthew finished up the school year last Friday and so the summer is in full swing. M attended the awards assembly for Michael and the “graduation” ceremony for Matthew. Well, because you know, it’s really hard to pass arts and crafts in preschool…
Michael got the perfect attendance award, but apparently, this was the only award that was handed out. I have a bit of a problem with that since this is an award that relied solely on the responsibility of the parents to get their children to school on time and on the children not being out sick once in the entire school year. It has nothing to do with the children’s academic ability. So basically, the school awards you for being there, but not for excelling academically.

But anyway, I'm very proud of my babies and cannot believe I have a Kindergartner and 2nd grader.

Michael with Poh-Poh and Gong-Gong

A smile on stage

Matthew with his Preschool diploma

Matthew performing a song (sort of)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Pictures of the Day Courtesy of M

Once in awhile, M comes up with a cute idea. For the past couple of mornings, he’s emailed me “Pictures of the Day” of the boys when they were little. I love to see these pictures because I haven’t seen them in awhile .It reminds me of how far we’ve come and how special these 2 little people are in our lives.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Talking About the Hot Ladies

I think Matthew is trying to break me and M up. M was on a business trip and came home after 4 days away. Matthew noticed that he had been away longer than usual, so when M got home, Matthew pointed it out and asked M where he went. M said he's been out.

Matthew: Were you out with the hot ladies?

M: No, I’m married.

Matthew: Mommy won’t know. She’s not here.

A few days later when M was on another business trip, he tells me that M is out with the “hot ladies.” I told him that Daddy’s not allowed out with the hot ladies because he’s married.

Matthew: He broke up with you.

Me: Why would he break up with me?

Matthew: Because you don’t listen.

That kid cracks me up!