Sunday, March 12, 2017

Come On Down!

My friends and I had an impromptu girls night out last Friday and went to see the live version of The Price is Right. It was so cheesy, yet so much fun. There were so many crazy fans out there with their T-shirts!

Unfortunately, we did not get chosen, but the anticipation and possibility was definitely there.

Sitting on the edge of our seats. It's too bad we didn't have time to come up with a clever T-shirt...

I'm so happy this woman got picked. She was fighting cancer and she was so gracious about it. She only won $200. I wish it was more...

The BIG Wheel!

After the show, we decided to extend the night and went out for drinks. What a perfect way to end the night.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Happy March! Oh my gosh, February was a whirlwind so I'm going to try and remember what we did this month.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with Mark and his class.

Oh and I got to meet Tre Wilcox from Top Chef at our February meeting for Southlake Women's Club. It was a fun afternoon with these ladies. We are working on Art in the Square together so I'm sure we will be spending much more time together.

I think he's showing us how to cut up a red bell pepper....

Matthew and I had a nice one-on-one time with our SAGT friends at iFly.  What a great experience.  I was a little nervous that he would change his mind about going but he was a pro and had so much fun. I did too!

February was also unseasonably warm so we spent some time at the park.  That day, I discovered that he liked to wear his pants backwards.

We also transitioned Mark to his own room and got around to making this guest into his room. He loves space.

And of course, this month was a big one for Matthew. His Odyssey of the Mind team competed in the Regionals. There were 7 other teams competing for 4 spots at State and his team came in 3rd so we are heading to Houston in April to watch him and his team compete in the State Finals.

Love this little guy-although he's not so little any more...

We were not allowed to help in any way so these kiddos did their own costume and make-up.

Getting ready to go into the competition

These kids were so creative-they did all of this themselves, from skit to props to costumes. So proud of how they performed.

February was also the start of soccer and T-ball for Mark! He was suppose to have his first T-ball game this month but it got rained out. But he does love his uniform!

This was him after a soccer game. He was very proud that they have not lost a game yet.

That's our February! Hopefully, I can get back to posting more frequently than just once a month.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Happy first day of February! January was such a a crazy month! Here are a few highlights because I didn't have much time to post anything at all in January.

We celebrated the new year with some friends at the park.

Got a day of snow in early January. This boy was in Heaven!

We had a quick snowball fight. There wasn't really enough snow for that, but we made it work!

We got more snow than I expected. SO pretty.

The rest of the month was all about demo, design, and decisions! We renovated the remaining 4 bathrooms and had the whole house painted.

We tore out the bathtubs in the 2 boys' bathrooms and replaced with walk-in showers

This was the chaos we lived in. It actually got worse because then they started taping off rooms so we had to live around that. It was not fun, but now that it's done, I'm pretty happy with what we did.

We also celebrated friends' birthdays...

We hung out in our family room a lot because the rest of the house was a disaster.

During that last weekend of January, Michael had a soccer tournament in Frisco so we went and tried the crazy nitrogen ice cream thing. I didn't have one but these two did.

He loved gummy bears in his....

Then we watched Michael play. Seriously, how did he get to big?

Saturday was Chinese New Year, so each boy received a red envelope for us and my parents. Marks keeps going around saying that he's richer than I am.

Sunday was nice out so M went and replaced a couple of sections in our fence. He did an amazing job, but we have all this wood in our garage now.

 This little guy picked out his own outfit. I guess he's ready for summer. I can't blame him because it certainly feels like summer even though it's January.

Showing his guns...

He found this from somewhere and wanted to wear it. Crazy kid!

I found some star fruit at Trader Joe's and the kids loved it.

Especially this guy...Again he chose to wear a tank top - in January.

That was are January! Hoping February is a little slower but I know better...