Monday, February 10, 2014

I Heart the Olympics

I spent most of the weekend enjoying the pageantry of the Winter Olympics.  It was too cold to go out anywhere and with M out of town, I was not about to go out anywhere with 3 rambunctious boys.

I watched some of the opening ceremony and it was spectacular from what I saw.  I just love everything about the Olympics! It's one of those events that makes an effort to put politics and conflicts aside for a brief moment and enjoy the pageantry of it all.

I am so impressed with this little lady.  Can you believe she's barely 15? I saw her skate in the team competition for Russia and she's amazing. So graceful and beautiful!

Anyway, back to our weekend. Mark and I went to our weekly playdate at Tristan's house.  Sarah brought little Evie who has to be the happiest baby ever.  She smiles at anyone who looks at her.  Mark kept going up to her and saying, "Hi, Baby!" 

This is Tristan pulling Mark in the little car.  They play well together most of the time, but there were a few times that day when Mark came crying to me because Tristan took something from him.

Michael's soccer game got cancelled on Saturday, so the boys had all day to hang out with their friend, JT.  I guess they couldn't get enough of each other because JT asked them to have a sleepover at his house.  So, it was just me and Mark with the Olympics Saturday night.  It was very quiet and a very nice break!

I had to run some errands on Sunday so I dropped all 3 boys off at their G's house. I went to Target to get gift cards for upcoming parties and couldn't resist getting the boys something for Valentine's Day. Then it was off the the grocery store.  I was hoping to have some time to go to the Dollar Tree to get some party supplies for Matthew's class Valentine's Day party, but that didn't happen so I'll have to get that done before Friday.  

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