Sunday, February 02, 2014

Busy Week

Phew!  We've had a pretty busy couple of days.  Soccer and baseball is starting up again so our weekends will definitely be busier. 

I had to take Michael to physical therapy again for his Sever's.  Good news is that it's healing and getting better.  We just need to continue with home therapy of ice baths, stretching, and foam roll exercises. Our next appointment should be our last - good thing because it's not cheap.

I had to pick up Michael from school early because of a cough and a low-grade fever on Friday.  Earlier that day, the school nurse for Matthew called to tell me that he was feeling dizzy, but after some fluids he seemed fine and she sent him back to class.

Friday was also Chinese New Year! Matthew took some red envelopes stuffed $1 Dragon Bucks and passed it out to his classmates to celebrate the new year. Then we went to Sushi Sam's for dinner where we gave the boys their red envelopes.

Marky opened up his envelopes and proudly said, "I gots some moonies!"

Friday was also the perfect day for our outdoor playdate that I hosted after school so the older kiddos and attend.  The weather was beautiful and it felt like a Spring day.  There was a pretty good turnout and I think the kiddos had a good time exploring our neighborhood creek.  Apparently, there were turtle skeletons on the bank of the creek.  I did not investigate.

Michael had his first soccer game Saturday morning - early morning.  Needless to say, Mark, Matthew and I stayed home.  M and Michael left at about 6:30.

I had to take Matthew to his baseball tryouts at 9:30 and I was very surprised by the how cold it was! After we got our number, I had to call M to come take over because it was way too cold to have Mark out there.  And plus, I had to get ready to go to Sarah and Dylans' baby shower.  

The baby shower was amazing.  It was like a little wedding!  The tables were beautifully set with huge centerpieces.  Everything was just so elegant. And everyone was so happy to see Mark.  He was the star of the  show.  Sarah's mom and aunts told me that they've heard lots, and lots of stories about Mark and were glad that they got to see him. 

Sarah also had him help open presents (and there were lots!) and he was so, so excited to rip open the paper and the bows!  I'm so mad that I forgot my phone and did not have any pictures.  Hopefully, Sarah will send me some.

I came home to find 3 of the neighborhood boys playing at our house. Then things got crazy because they all wanted to spend the night. The cray-cray continued when I agreed to have all 3 of them overnight. 

Mark and I were watching "Frozen," and the boys came down to watch with us. 

We had plans to go to dinner with my in-laws so they all had to go home first and then M picked them up after our dinner. Phew!

Here's Mark sharing dessert with G-pa at dinner.

He loves playing with his cars! And he likes sitting around in his diaper.

 M got the boys donuts for breakfast this morning.

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