Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hill Country Time

Time for my weekly preggo update. There’s not much to update actually. The modified bedrest is working. I’m not feeling as much pressure from the prolapsed uterus. The only thing now is that in the mornings I feel like I’m out of breath even if I’m just walking up or down the stairs. I’m getting to feel normal again, and I think my appetite is growing. I want to eat all the time, but I’m trying not to give in. No surprise doctor’s visit this week, so no new vitals. Our next appointment is next Thursday when I’ll be 17 weeks so we’re hoping Nugget cooperates and shows us the goods on the ultrasound.

Not wearing maternity clothes yet, and this morning, I was so happy to know that I can still fit into my size 2 skirt. Woohoo!

I am so excited for our trip to the Hill Country this weekend. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon, driving into Austin to spend the night and then we’ll continue on to the JW Marriott Hill Country in the morning. We have not had a family getaway for a long time. The last time was when we were in CA which was about a year ago when we drove to Avila Beach. This resort is suppose to be fantastic for kids. They have lots of activity for children and at night, they have movies by the pool. I just need to remember to take lots of pictures.

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