Wednesday, December 22, 2010

He Wants to Be Surpised

Yesterday was the first day of Winter, but someone forgot to tell TX. It felt like Spring at a balmy 85 degrees. I am not complaining because it was beautiful, and I know in a few days, I will be flying to CA where it will be cold and wet. It’ll be a nice change, but I will miss not having to wear closed-toed shoes.

Two more days until I see my little babies! It’s been nice to get a break from them, but I miss the chaos believe it or not. They are having a great time there where they know they have free reign. Matthew is yet again the boss of O’Henry’s and trades day offs for time on the iphone. He told Sandi she can have a day off if she lets him play with her iphone.

Yesterday, he instructed Sandi that when she got him the Whiplash scooter for Christmas, she should put it in a box and wrap it so he can’t see the shape of the gift. He wants to be surprised when he opens it.

Michael lost his upper front tooth last Sunday! And got $10 for it. Talk about inflation. With his new haircut and the missing tooth, who does he remind you of?

My little Lloyd!

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