Thursday, January 02, 2014

Goals and Super H

My power hour in the mornings have disappeared recently.  Mainly because the boys are off from school and our schedules are completely nonexistent, but once they start school again, I think I really need to get on the ball.

Since we are talking about what I need to get on the ball with, I might as well lay out some goals.  I don't make New Year's resolutions because, honestly, I'm more likely to fail than succeed and who wants to be a failure? But I do have some things that I need to get better at and hopefully, with the new year, there's new motivation to work towards it. It's the usual stuff - be more organized, go the the gym more often, and take more pictures. And enjoy more time with the kiddos - which gets harder as they get older.

We did not really do much on New Year's Eve or Day. M and I have never really made a big deal out of either. We just stayed home, watched the bowl games and hung out.  Michael and Matthew have been playing with friends all winter break and are barely ever home. They spent all day outside yesterday with their neighborhood friends.  It was 70 degrees and 20 degrees this morning- crazy TX weather.

M and I spent the morning taking down our Christmas decorations.  He was a trooper and a huge help even though his back was not doing so great.  Sometimes I forget to tell him how thankful I am for him. I'll try to be better this year.

I took Mark to the Korean supermarket because I needed some asian stables - rice and sauces. We had lunch there of some short rib noodle soup and rice.  He was in heaven.  He also had his first experience with the bubble milk tea.  He sucked up a bubble and I thought he was going to freak, but he starting chewing on it, laughed and told me it was fun. He wanted more "balls."  Love that kid.  On the way home, he talked the whole way.  It might have been the caffeine from the tea?

No pictures from yesterday so clearly, my goal of taking more pictures is not looking great. Haha.

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