Friday, January 24, 2014

Sever's Disease - Yikes!

We had a busy day yesterday.  Michael started complaining about pain in the heel of both of his feet a few months ago. We finally had him looked at yesterday morning and got it diagnosed.  He has a condition where his heel plates are growing faster than his ligaments and tendons called Sever's Disease. This puts pressure on the ligaments and tendons they become swollen and gets very painful.  Since he is very active, it makes it worse.

The morning visit also includes some therapy. Dr. Smith had to start stretching and pushing on Michael's heel and muscle.  I felt so bad for him - I'm sure it was painful.  We have a recovery plan that includes ice baths, foam exercises, and stretches. I also had to pick up some heels cups and indoor shoes for him because he's not allowed to go barefoot.

Because he had such a tough morning, I brought him lunch at school today.  His special request was Mongolian Beef with no mushrooms and scallions, white rice on the side from Pei Wei.  I'm glad to be able to brighten his day a little.

Today, we are dropping Matthew and Mark at G-pa's for the weekend. M and I are driving to College Station with Michael to a soccer tournament.  It should be a fun weekend with just Michael, but I will miss my other two little monkeys.

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