Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What We Did - Week 3

Day 15 - Wed.
Soccer practice!

Day 16 - Thur.
We went and got my car washed at the dealership and while we waited, we played in the play room.

Day 17 - Fri
We went to the mall and had some lunch at the food court.  Mark did not want me to help him because there were big kids around. In fact, he wanted me to sit at a separate table.

Day 18 - Sat.
Played some video game with Daddy

Day 19 - Sun.
We went to Tristan's birthday party.

Day 20 - Mon.
No school! The boys had friends over for a sleepover Sunday night. And because the day was too beautiful to stay in, Mark and I went for a walk and fed some ducks.

Day 21 - Tue.
We went to story time at the Southlake Library today.  I was too busy talking to a neighbor and forgot to take pictures. Sad face.

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