Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Monday!

What a beautiful weekend!  I can't believe how nice it was especially after a very cold and rainy week.

On Friday morning, Mark and I were out and about early.  We went to Matthew's school to celebrate Dragon Pride. I was a little nervous about taking him to the assembly, but he did really well.  He sat and watched the whole award ceremony.  The cutest part of the whole thing was when they announced Luke's name.  Mark recognized him and shouted out, "Lukie! Hi Lukie!" and waved to him. Luke thought it was funny.

Matthew being recognized at Dragon Pride.

Then we went directly to SeaLife to meet up for our playdate with Austin and Tristan. I can already tell that Mark has a really good sense of humor.  When we went to see the sharks, he kept putting his hand on the glass and saying ouch! I asked what happened and he told me the the sharks bit him.  He loved watching the sharks, but he loved exploring the aquarium with his buddies more.  Austin and Tristan are a year older, but Mark did not have any problems keeping up.

There's a part of the aquarium where you have to walk through plexiglass tube in a tank full of different animals including sharks.  Mark was very hesitant and when he finally decided to go, he ran through it like something was chasing him!

After the aquarium, we went and had lunch at the food court.  Mark threw a fit when I tried to help him with his food.  He wanted to do it all himself.


 We had our friends over for dinner on Saturday. It was so good to catch up with the adults and the kids had a really good time.  Michael was so good with the younger kids. He played with them and made sure they were having fun. I was so proud of him.

Sunday was a lazy day.  We watched playoff football, went to lunch and went to see the grandparents for a couple of hours.

Mark being silly and sticking his tongue out for every picture.

Mark giving Daddy some love!

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