Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Back to Normal

The boys will be going off to school again this morning and we will have some semblance of a schedule again.  It's been nice having them home, but man, I just spent the whole morning picking up their room and their playroom.  I have let things go a little bit because they have friends over everyday so there really was not point in constantly picking up.

Yesterday, my super-duper, super fancy rice cooker arrived! I've been making rice on the stovetop and it's been a big pain.  I have a cheap rice cooker that I don't ever use because the rice sticks to the bottom and the water boils over so it's a big pain. Only an Asian can get this excited about a rice cooker.

It was freezing outside (literally).  The temperature won't go up past the freezing point.  Matthew decided to test to this by putting some water outside. When he checked this morning, almost the whole cup was frozen.

In preparation for normalcy, I went to the grocery store early to get the school lunch provisions.  I had to wake up at the early to make lunches and make sure they are both ready to go, but it's nice to have the extra time.  Hopefully, Mark will sleep in and I can start having my power hour again. So far so good.

Here's to the start of school again.  I hope the week goes well!

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