Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Randoms

Yesterday, Mark and I decided to go and have lunch with my little guys at their schools.  The boys' lunch are spread out enough that I can have lunch with both on the same day.

Mark always loves seeing his brothers and their friends at school.  He gets so hyped up and walks around to say hi to the people he knows.  He even gives up hugs to them.  I think he revels in the attention.

Our awesome cleaning lady came and our house is nice and clean.  It doesn't stay tidy long because I do have 3 boys, but it was nice walking into a nice clean house.

I had planned on going to the gym for my Monday class, but I did not make it.  I will have to go this evening. I always feel great after a good workout.  The problem is getting motivated enough to get to the gym!

We booked our trip to CA for Spring Break! I'm really excited to see my family again.  We haven't been to visit since last summer.  We're planning on a trip to Yosemite Park. Can you believe that I've never been?  I guess you take stuff like that for granted growing up in CA.

Matthew invited a friend to sit with us at lunch.  These 2 get along so well!

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