Sunday, January 05, 2014

Break is Almost Over

This is the last Sunday of winter break of the boys. The kids don't have school until Tuesday, so they've got 2 more days of free play.  Then it's back to school and homework and reading.

I think they've really enjoyed their break even if we didn't go anywhere. They have so many friends that live in our neighborhood that there was always someone around to play with.  They kind of house-hop from one house to the next.  We had 5-6 boys here playing in the playroom yesterday. 

So how did they spend their break?  They played football outside, played video games inside, went to friends' houses, had sleepover at a friend's, had a friend sleepover, fought with each other, and on occasion, they hung out with us.

Soccer practice starts up again for Michael today. Matthew is all signed up for Spring baseball.  We are heading into the sports season again.  I think we do a good job of not over scheduling the boys, but even with one sport each, our schedule is going to get heavy. Before we know it, there will be practices, games, and tournaments.  

But for today and tomorrow, they will just hang out and play!

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