Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas was a big blur!  It went by fast and furious and I can hardly believe that it's over.  I'm super bummed, but we had a nice, merry little Christmas.  Not a lot of activities.  We had dinner at the in-laws of honey-baked ham on Christmas Eve and had Christmas morning and day was at our house.

We told the boys that they could not come downstairs until their grandparents came over on Christmas morning.  They were at our house at 7:30 at the request of Matthew.  Santa was very kind to the boys this year- electronic scooters for Michael and Matthew and a tricycle for Mark!  The presents were all assembled, charged and ready for Christmas morning.  Santa was so thoughtful. The boys squealed when they saw their gifts.  Mark didn't know what to think.  He slowly walked over to the tricycle, touched it and asked, "Mined?" It was so adorable!

I didn't get any pictures of them tearing through the rest of their gifts because I was videotaping so there are no pictures to share of that,but I'm thankful a got a couple shots before and after.

Milk, gingerbread cookies, pumpkin bread for Santa, carrots for the reindeers were set up on the table.

After all the gifts were opened - tree looks so bare.

Mark watching his new electric toy train.

 Happy to play with Bo-Bo Mashoo

Testing out the new tricycle.

 Getting ready to give the electric scooter a try.

It was a quiet Christmas and it went by so quickly. I'm definitely experiencing withdrawal. It was a shock to turn on the radio in my car and not hear Christmas music the day after Christmas!  

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