Thursday, December 05, 2013

Brrr...It's Cold Outside

This week has gone by so quickly.  Is it really Thursday already? It's a very cold Thursday which is hard to believe because it was 80 degrees yesterday.  Again, the big news around here is the freezing temperatures anticipated for tonight and tomorrow morning.  The boys may have a snow/ice day tomorrow which means they get to stay home from school. We have plans to go to the Gaylord Texan tomorrow afternoon to see the beautiful Christmas decorations, but we may have to postpone it. I hope not because we will lose a weekend. This late Thanksgiving thing is really messing me up.  I have to really cram activities into 3 weekends instead of 4!

On Tuesday, I took Marky to story time and he was so cute.  They sang "Jingle Bells" and he was really into jingling his bell.  Halfway through, he decided he needed more than 1 bell so he got up and helped himself to another from the basket they had out.  He always looks so serious when he's participating in the activities there.

After story time, we went to the fountain and and ate our snacks.  It was such a beautiful morning. He was excited to see the Christmas tree up at the square.  He's been so excited about Christmas and all the decorations! I don't think he gets what's going on yet, but he knows something is special about this time of year.

Our Elf made his appearance this week and has been moving all over the place.  Matthew was a little annoyed that he only moves around the living room so he's been making an effort to move more around the house. Ha ha. This morning, we found him camouflaged into our Christmas tree.

This morning when Matthew went to move the elf on our Christmas countdown calendar, he noticed something that really amused him.  He said that he wanted to take a picture of it.  It looked like Santa was eating the elf's hat.  He's absolutely right. He loves moving that little elf.  He's so excited about Christmas and I'm so excited because he's so excited!!! I am so blessed and it's such a joy to celebrate this time of year with my babies!

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