Friday, December 06, 2013

Party Time!

One of Matthew's teammate's dad is the GM for the Texas Rangers and he offered to host the team's end of the season party at Rangers Stadium so last night, we braved the freezing temperature and made our trek to the ballpark. I was a little worried that it would get cancelled because of the weather, but the freezing rain held out until we got home.  Yay! However, a trip that should have taken half an hour took us more than an hour.  It was so worth it though. Matthew had so much fun that he did not want to come home after the party. What an awesome experience to be able to do all the stuff he did last night!

Mark fell asleep on the way there.  How sweet is my Michael?

We had access to the underground parking because that's how we roll :-) M almost pulled into Tom Hicks' parking space.

This is the family entrance into the team's clubhouse.

We got to hang in Ron Washington's office for a little bit.

Then we went into the press room.

Mark will now take your questions

"Guy in the back row"

Then it was off to hit some balls in the batting cages. Doesn't everybody bat with their crocs on?

Prince Fielder's locker is all ready for him

Michael standing in from of Yu Darvish's locker. He's not the most organized player on the team.  I asked Jon if the mess was staged.  It was not - he is that messy and he did leave all his stuff there. I'm sure you all wanted to know that.
I dared M to put on Yu's hat, but he was too chicken to do it.

Chilling in the dugout.  Literally.  Freezing rain was starting to fall on us out there.  We also got to go out on the field , but it was too dark for pictures.

This was one of the better pictures of all the coaches and the dads who helped out throughout the season. I'm so thankful for these guys because they helped Matthew fall in love with playing baseball. More importantly, they helped him out of his shell.

Coach Lance gave each player a goodie bag and told a little story about he'll remember most about each player. It was so sweet.

 Marky listening very carefully.

What an awesome night!

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