Saturday, December 07, 2013

Friday Freeze - First Ice Day of Year

The long anticipated ice storm made it's arrival Thursday night and into Friday morning so the boys stayed home from school.  School was cancelled Friday which was nice because we were out later than usual for the baseball party.  

We woke up to this Friday morning.  I was so excited! It was so pretty and looks like snow, but it's really tiny little beds of ice. I wish it was snow, but I'll take this.

This was a good day to just hang out in the family room and watch TV...and wrestle.

Matthew also discovered that if he wrote Elf a note, it would be answered...sort of. How cute is this?  I love it.

This was also a good day to decorate our gingerbread houses.  Noticed all the chubby cheeks?  They were eating the candy while decorating. Even the littlest one.

Michael's beautiful house all decorated.

Matthew's house.  He had a little more help from me.

Michael and Matthew also went outside to play for a little bit.  

Eating ice.

It was a very good day for hot chicken noodle soup.

 This morning, Matthew discovered Elf hold stolen his sunflower seeds.

And had his question answered.

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