Monday, December 02, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving week went by so quickly! Today, the boys are back in school and we are somewhat back to out routine for another 2 weeks before they get 2 weeks off for winter break.  December is going to fly by.

We didn't really do much of anything last week.  We had our Thanksgiving at my in-laws (turkey and prime rib-yum, yum).  Mark decided that he loves sweet potatoes.  Who wouldn't when it's covered with marshmallows? Michael did not care for turkey, but Matthew said that he had the best turkey ever. Funny boy.

The next day, our high school football team was playing in the quarterfinals of the state championship playoffs at the Cowboys Stadium so we decided to take Michael and Matthew.  I had a good time and both boys were really into the game-even Matthew up until the last quarter.  Our team did not win, but it was a very close game and it was nice to not have to pay an arm and a leg to get into Jerry's World. I was not allowed to bring in my purse into the stadium and I left my phone in my purse so no pictures.

The weekend was quiet.  I didn't do much shopping because we really didn't need any big ticket items and the stuff I want go on sale all the time. My biggest score were $.99 poinsettias. Hah-hah. We decorated the trees and I'm pretty much done with the Christmas decorations.  There are a few final touches, but the majority of it is done.  Too bad I'll only have it up for a few weeks.

Marky preparing a meal in his diaper. We took this play kitchen down from the attic and he loves it.  This was Matthew' kitchen originally and I'm so happy that we can get more use out of it. I'd forgotten about it until we saw it while we were bringing the Christmas stuff down.

Saying "cheese" before Thanksgiving dinner.

A little snack before dinner

I made everyone dress up.  They were not happy about it at first but they got over it.

Mark loves to line up his car like Matthew did.

Putting up ornaments!

He found the beads and decided to wear them for the night.

The finished tree!  I had to go back and rearrange the ornament the next day to balance it out.  But they did a good job!

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