Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maui Trip Days 5-9

It's been a couple days since we've been home and I think I'm over my jet lag.  Yesterday was a bit of a challenge to get through for a few reasons - but that's for another post.  I wanted to finish up with our vacation recap now that my body has adjusted and it's almost back to normal - as normal as it can be.

Day 5
We spent more time at our resort.  The kids have a lot of fun playing with the kids in the villa to the left of us - Dylan and Tyler.  They are twin boys from Ventura, CA and their parents are really nice people as well.  These are almost inseparable - they play together at the pool, they play soccer in the evening until they can't see anymore, they go lizard hunting and babysit each others' lizard when they have to go separate ways. I think that making friends make their vacation so much more memorable and fun.

Today, we relaxed at the resort and hung out by the beach and the pool.  That evening, we grilled beef kabobs here at the resort and had dinner together. After dinner - there was a game of soccer with our boys, Dylan and Tyler, Emily (boys' little sister), Alister (boy neighbor the the right of us), and a few other boys came by to join in.  It was a great time for the boys and I hope they remember how much fun they had!  It was just so nice to have everyone together.

M and I also walked to a nearby shopping center called Whalers Village and discovered these yummy chocolate dipped shortbread cookies at the Honolulu Cookie Company store.  Delish! We spent way too much money at that store, but I thought it would be nice to buy a few boxes as gifts for the boys' teachers to start the school year off right.

Day 6
M and I took the boys to Ma'alea Marina bright and early in morning to board our boat - the Aqua Adventure -to go snuba diving.  At least that was the plan.  We were all suppose to all do it, but when they were giving us instructions, it was clear that it would be very difficult for Matty to snuba so M and Michael ended up diving on their own.  I was so proud of Michael! He did so well. Matty and I snorkeled.  It was tough getting Matthew started because he complained about his mask and snorkel were not working properly, but by our second stop, he was ready to go.  M helped him out and he was so excited he got to see the sea turtles!

I had a lot of fun watching the kids experience this trip despite a bout of seasickness. On our boat trip back, the boys and I sat on the top deck and enjoyed the sunshine.  The boys were thrilled every time the waves hit the boat and caused water to spray us all the way on the top deck.

We were exhausted after the excursion so we didn't so much else that day. It was my parents' last night there so we decided to grill some chicken drumsticks and eat in. Pretty chill.

Day 7
We started out bright and early again today.  We had to drive back to Kihei (30 minutes away) for Michael's and Matthew's surf lesson by 7:30am.  My parents came with us and we planned to meet my sister and Jeff there so they can take my parents to the airport.

I was so proud of my little boys - they took to surfing like fish to water.  They were able to ride the waves the first time they tried.  The waves were small and calm so it was perfect for beginners. I can tell that they were having a blast out there.  I was amazed how fast they learned. So proud!

We went to Kihei Cafe (AGAIN) for brunch and then it was time to say good-bye to my parents. We were all tired so we decided to make a simple dinner of spaghetti that night.  Jeff's nephew, Cruz, was able to join us for dinner.  The boys were thrilled to see him again.

Day 8
Friday started off slow.  We didn't do much during the day.  Me, M and Sandi went to dinner at the Plantation House.  It was delicious, of course.  We had a nice view of the sunset. Then it was time to start packing that night.

Day 9
This was our last day in Maui.  The morning was filled with packing and preparing to get to the airport.  We stopped in Kihei for lunch of Pho and headed out to catch our flight back home.  Marky didn't do as well as on our way there - there was some crying and general unhappiness, but I thought he did OK for a baby. We because of the time difference, we didn't get home until almost 6 in the morning.  Needless to say, we were all EXHAUSTED and so HAPPY to be HOME!

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