Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School 2012

The boys are back in school! I can't believe the summer is almost officially over.  We've been away from home so much that it seems like we hardly had a summer at all! I have 2 more planned trips to California this month - 1 for Benjamin's 1-month celebration and the other for M's friend's post-wedding reception. Then, I think I'll be done for a while.

Things have been little hectic with adjusting back to the school schedule and getting back to reality from a great vacation. Sports and practices are back in full swing so our daily schedule is going to get fuller. Matthew is playing lacrosse for the firsts time and Michael is sticking to soccer. 

Bedtimes are being enforced again and the boys are not happy about that.

Like I said, school is back in session.  Michael has Ms. Rumpler who seems way too cheery and happy to me, and Matthew has a new teacher, Ms. Lasater. Michael seems to like his teacher and Matthew seems indifferent. 

So excited for the 1st day of school! They look excited anyway. 
August 27, 2012
I can't believe how much older they look this year!
August 22, 2011
This year is the last year that the boys will be in the same school together - after 4th grade, they switch school every 2 years. So this is sort of a mini-milestone. 

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