Monday, August 06, 2012

Too Hot to do Anything Weekend

Another quiet weekend over at our house.  I took Matthew and Michael to see "Diary of the Wimpy Kid." They really liked it and Michael was laughing his head off - I love it!

Michael went to Six Flags with his friend Irving and had a sleepover.  We missed him and I think Matty missed having him around.  I was just enjoying a day without bickering.

I had to take Matty to his lacrosse uniform fitting.  Ninety dollars later, he had his uniform and his first choice of number 24.  We still need to pay for the lacrosse equipment so we are not done spending yet. All I have to say is that he better like lacrosse!

We went to Del Frisco's Grill for dinner Saturday night. It was a bit of a drive since it was in Uptown Dallas, but M wanted to try it.  It was OK.  I still prefer Houston's.

Other than that, we just hung out.

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