Sunday, August 05, 2012

Trip to California - Week 3

Our last week in California! This week we met up with Sandi and Jeff at BJ's Brewhouse for lunch and then headed off to the San Francisco Zoo.  I think the kids had fun running around, but I was disappointed that there weren't more animals there.  I remember the Zoo being much better, but the last time I was there was over 7 years ago before Matty was born.  M and I took Michael there.

We also took advantage of the beautiful California weather and went berry picking at Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville.  I had a lot of fun and I think the kiddos did too.  The strawberries were delish! We also picked up a couple of pies to take home with us.  

We were very sad to leave a couple of days later.  The trip home was not quite as exciting and this time, I had help from M.  He flew back to CA on Tuesday to help me with the kids on our flight back.  Tuesday night, we capped off our vacation with dinner with my parents and my brother at Il Fornio - M and I had our very first date there 13 years ago!

The flight back was nice - we upgraded to first class so we had a lot more room to move around and stretch out.  All 3 of my boys did great on the flight and Michael and Matthew informed me that they no longer want to fly "2nd class." Ha-ha.

As much fun as being in CA was and we miss everyone there, it was also very nice to get back home. I just wish it wasn't so gosh dang hot!

We will meet up with my sis and parents again in Maui in a couple of weeks! We are so looking forward to that!

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