Sunday, January 15, 2012


I decided to give Michael and Matthew a little quiz about me to see how well the know me. They did pretty well.  Of course, Matthew thinks it’s a competition so he wanted to keep score.  Here are the questions their answers. They did pretty well.
W  What’s my favorite color?
Matthew – Pink
Michael – Purple
Answer – Pink

2.     What’s my favorite food?
Matthew – rice
Michael – noodle
Answer – sushi

3.     What’s my birthday?
Matthew – January 15
Michael – October25
Answer – October 10

4.     What do you think I do at work? 
Matthew – Call people
Michael – Type
Answer – Both

           How many languages do I speak?
Matthew – 2
Michael – 2
Answer – 2

6.     What do I like to do during my free time?
Matthew – Play with your kids
Michael – Play with Mark and us
                        Answer – What free time?

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