Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Mark is 2 Months Old

My little Mark, you are 2months old today! I’d like to say that it’s been a breeze, but I’d be lying.  You have not been as easy as Mommy and Daddy expected you to be, but you are getting better everyday.  We need to remember that time goes by too fast and you won’t be like this for much longer (we hope and hope).

You are going to your 2-month appointment today and I’ll will update this post with your current stats, but I wanted to write a few things down so that we remember this time in your life.

Schedule: (this differs from day to day, but in general this is the schedule you follow)
You usually wake you around 7am-8am and stay awake for a couple of hours.  I’ll usually give you a morning bath and then give you a bottle between 9am-11am.  After your bath and bottle, you’ll nap again for another couple of hours off and on. 

If I hold you the whole time, you will nap the whole time, but I’m trying to wean you off being held all the time, so I will put you in your bouncer for your nap or on your boppy pillow.  I sometimes get as much as an hour out of that which is a big improvement from a week ago.

You are ready for another bottle after you wake up and you will fall asleep again off and on.  You hit another awake period from 7pm-9pm and then all bets are off.  You will either be really fussy right before we put you down at about 10pm or you will stay content until we put you down for the night.
You’ll wake up every 3 hours for a bottle (if we are lucky).

You are at 3.5-4oz at each feeding every three hours.  After trying a few different formulas, you’ve decided that you like Nutrimagen.  This will cost us $35 for a 19.9oz can instead of the typical $20 can. Daddy’s working on getting free cans for us.

Bath, being held, being talked to

Napping without being held, not much else that I can tell yet

Diaper Size:
2 Pampers Swaddler

2-Month Stats:
Weight- 11lbs. 9 oz. (50 percentile)
Length- 23 inches (25 percentile)
Head- 16.5 inches (95 percentile)

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