Monday, January 16, 2012


We have not been doing much over the weekends lately. Mainly because the thought of herding two active boys and caring for a colic-y baby in public gives my an anxiety attack and the cold weather does not help.

So, we've been stuck at home most of the time.  We will head out for lunch occasionally and go to Michael's soccer game if there's one, but the boys have been confined in our house.  With not many outlet for their energy, they have been getting into lots of trouble.

Thankfully, this weekend has been beautiful. We have sunshine and it's not too cold to go outside, so we've been taking walks around our neighborhood lake.  There's no better cure for restlessness than being outside even if it's just walking around. For me, anyway.

This weekend was a nice, quiet, relaxing one filled with lounging, football watching, outdoor walking, game playing, and relaxing.  My idea of a great weekend!

Giving lil' bro a piggyback ride - yes I need to get rid of the poinsettia...

My sweet baby taking one of his longest nap ever (3 hours)..and not in my arms...

Having lunch from Steak and Shake (one of their faves)

Giving Mark his morning feeding

Playing outside on a beautiful Saturday

I never get tired of seeing that gorgeous smile

Who's got the biggest head?

Who's the longest?

Three Semi-Chinese Brothers

Playing a game of Life (they are banned from electronics for a week and 2 days)

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