Monday, January 09, 2012

Soccer Superstar

Michael is a great little soccer player.  I'm not just saying that because I'm his mama either. He's been playing for a few years and he's go the love for it.  All he wants to do is go outside and kick the ball around.  Even when he's inside, he's kicking the ball around-for which he will get in trouble for.

He's currently playing for 2 teams-a recreational team (Star Jets) and a more competitive academy team (Odyssey) and he still can't get enough soccer.  We love going to the game to watch him play.  The last game he scored 4 of the 6 goals his team had and the game before that, he scored another 4 goals.  I was so proud.  

Michael in his Odyssey uniform - Go #24!
Outdoor season will start again in a couple of weeks and he will continue to play for both teams so our week will be very hectic with practices.  Each team will have 2 days of practices each week so he will have 4 days of practice. Not to mention, Matthew will also have 1 practice day each week.  I'm hoping that none of the practices overlap. I also don't know how I will manage all this with going back to work full-time and with a brand new baby.  On top of that, M will still be traveling.  My stress level just shot up as I'm writing this. Yes, I can cut him to 1 team, but he loves to play so much that I feel I owe it to him to let him play and see where it takes him. 

I guess that's my rambling for the day.  I have not been inspired to post much because it's been pretty quiet after the Holidays.  I should enjoy the quiet before the storm, but it's making me restless and uninspired. I've been in a rut these past couple of days.  How can these sweet boys not be inspirational?

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