Monday, January 02, 2012

The Post That I Discovered That I Need to Take More Pictures

It was a great idea to start off with - I'll post pictures of the boys month by month to get a visual of how much they've changed through the course of 2011. The problem was I didn't have pictures of them together for a few months and no pictures of them at all for a couple of months.

Another goal this year - take at least a few pictures of the boys together EVERY month.

 January-Snow day

February-Another snow day


March -No pictures of Matthew

April-1st trip to Six Flags

May-Spring break at the JW Marriott in San Antonio


June-Happy Birthday, Matthew!

June-Boating with the Hoppes at Lake Lewisville

 July-Summer vacation in St. Thomas 

Bowing my head in head in shame - no pictures for August or September

October-Halloween (obviously) 

November-1st meeting with Mark 

December-And then there are three

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